Step 5:

En-garde! Advance and retreat.


       A    Step forward with your front foot, placing it heel to toe.
       B    Then, step forward with the other foot, keeping it perpendicular.


Step backward with your rear foot, keeping it perpendicular.
       B    Then, step backward with the other foot.


       •    Your legs move your body.
           Don't let your torso control your movements.   
I tried fencing once, never really enjoyed it. I always enjoyed having lightsaber duels with my friends, and I'd much rather have a solid blade than a foil, you can't really have your own fighting style with a foil, with a blade, you have more room to improvise. <br><br>Plus, if you ever are in a real situation where you have to defend yourself, fencing skills won't help, you will more than likely use a pipe or something
Very cool. I'm about to start fencing lessons and this enlightened me quite abit. Thanks!
All in all very well explained. I have been fencing for 3 years, The only thing that I would disagree with is failing to maintain en garde it is very rare to find a fencer that does this. It is much more common to find an absence of blade, this makes it harder for your opponent to find your blade to parry.
Excellent job! Everything is clearly explained and well demonstrated. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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