How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell - NEW VERSION





Introduction: How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell - NEW VERSION

In preparation for Easter this year I decided to improve on one of my classic projects: how to scramble an egg inside it's shell. In a video I made several years ago I demonstrate how scrambling an egg can be done by spinning it quickly inside of a shirt sleeve. This new method requires a much smaller amount of physical effort to achieve the same result, and bonus: It can scramble 3 eggs at once!

The scrambling device I use is an 8" long section of 2" diameter PVC pipe. The rope is thin nylon (you want to be sure it's strong enough not to break on you!) and the handle is a short ~4" section of 1/2" diameter PVC pipe.

Assembly is simple: Drill two opposing holes on each side of the 8" length of pipe, then feed a length of rope through to form each loop. Before tying one of the two loops, slide the 4" length of 1/2" diameter pipe over one end. That's it! I find that square knots work well to tie the ropes together to close each loop.



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One method uses a paper clip bent to form the shape of the number 7. Poke a tiny hole in the end of the egg, and then insert the short leg of the wire into the egg and then spin the long leg using a drill, or? The hole won't leak egg during boiling.

Great creativity

Nice mod with the 2" PVC. I went for 6"/2eggs and more stable spin. Your cooking instructions are important. Don't think it's weakened she'll as much as eliminating the air/ expansion pocket inside

Real nice. I'll do it very soon and surprise my family with the boiled egges. I also saw your T-shirt designs and liked the work.

I just tried the shirt method only instead of 2 rubber bands I used 1 and a chip clip on the open side. That way you can swap them out quick. Also I find if you point the egg perpendicular to instead of parralell to the sleeve it works better. I've popped them in the egg genie and will post an I made it when done. Can't wait to try version 2.0!

Wishing for pictures- so I could download this file and print it for my wife to experiment with in the kitchen.
Hardcopy of video is... problematic.

Great idea!

Superb way ?