Have you wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast, but couldn't use the oven and only the microwave? Well you've came to the right place! Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

A fork, a stick of butter, a bowl, an egg, and some milk. Make sure the bowl is MICROWAVE SAFE!

Step 2: Grease

As you know, unwrap the butter stick slightly and rub it around the bowl as so.

Step 3: Slice

Take your fork and slice about half a teaspoon of butter.

Step 4: Melt

Microwave the butter on HIGH for 20 seconds or until it melts.

Step 5: Egg

Crack the egg and add it to your bowl.

Step 6: Milk

Add a small drop of milk. If you want, you can use water.

Step 7: Stir

Stir it with your fork.

Step 8: Microwave

Put in the microwave for 25 seconds on HIGH.

Step 9: Stir

Stir it again and add salt.

Step 10: Microwave

Put it in for another 25 seconds on HIGH.

Step 11: Break and Enjoy!

Break your concoction to the center and enjoy! Follow, favorite, and comment!
Neat! I'll serve it up to Jay (my friend) Thanks for this amazing Instructable
<p>P.S you're welcome! :D</p>
<p>It's very easy and you can teach him how to make it too! I learned it in my Microwave Magic book from 4-H.</p>
Yes my friend loved it :D
<p>Awesome!!! :D</p>
<p>I favorited my own ible hah</p>
<p>SkyProductions, does he like it?</p>
It is 1 in the afternoon I'm making eggs
Oh ok I'm trying it tomorrow
<p>That's awesome!!! Hope he likes what I made!</p>
<p>I have not tried the eggs I made yt</p>
My friend loves eggs
<p>Haha cool</p>

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