Picture of How to Screen Print at Home
There are plenty of instructables on screen printing.  They range from the modge podge method to full rigs, but there doesn't really seem to be anything in between.  
These instructions are using the EZ screens.  It cost more than the embroidery hoop, but not nearly as much as the printing presses.  It is all pretty easy to do, the results are great, and the screens are reusable.  I am doing to include prices (to the best of my abilities), and where to buy the materials.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I am not including the prices of everything, it seems silly to me to add in the price of things like the computer.  Beside the item I will put the price in bold.  Beside that I will put where to buy it, underlined.

computer and printer
container to soak the screen in
ez screen (3 for 28.49 or 9.50 each)
exposure screen 24.99 (one time purchase)
thin paper or transparency (16.99 for 50 or .34 each smaller quantities 7.99 for 6 or 1.34 each) walmart or

squeegee around 2.50 (one time purchase) hardware store or
screen printing ink around 5-9 (you can get set lots of projects out of a container art supply stores,
tape (masking tape, painters tape, or my favorite packing tape) 2.30 a roll office supply stores
shirt 5-10 walmart, kmart, anywhere they sell affordable clothing 

Total Cost: around $50 for the first time, after that about $15

Step 2: Find Image

Picture of Find Image
You can always draw your own, but if you lack the skills, like I do, you can always google.  I am making this shirt for a friend's birthday.  He wanted a set of headphones, so  googled it and found some.  I found a few different versions because some times your first choice doesn't always work.  
Hithorable2 years ago
Five Stars! Now i have many designs i want to try!
Fible19902 years ago
$15 for every shirt after is a bargain in my opinion. What I like the mot is that you can use your imagination in your own designs.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
jnifrwebb (author) 2 years ago
Just found out they are/were having an instructables sale. I'm not sure when it ends, but it was posted 15% off if you use the code INSTRUCT15
What?? That's rad!
clewis212 years ago
This is really cool!
Very good method. :D