Introduction: How to Sculpt a Dragon in Clay

In this comprehensive video you will learn how to sculpt a dragon starting with a lump of clay until finished form including how to sculpt dragon eyes and scales. You will learn how to complete your dragon with a stunning finish as shown in the picture. You will also learn what tools, clay and materials are needed to sculpt a dragon in clay. This is a project great for beginners and any lover of dragons. Discover - And for hundreds of how to videos, visit my YouTube channel at


Cris1984 (author)2016-06-17

Your video was awesome. Thanks for sharing your techniques. I have been searching for a sculpt how to for a dragon and I like yours so I plan to use your techniques for a piece I will be working on. Ill share a photo when I get it finished. Again, thank you for sharing! It is a cute little dragon.

jakecreates made it! (author)Cris19842016-06-18

Thanks Cris. It just so happens that I recently did a new video on how to sculpt a dragon fairy door. I just uploaded it to my Instructables this morning. Here is the link: Maybe it can help you with your new piece too. Thanks again.

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