Introduction: How to Sculpt a Gargoyle in Polymer Clay

I teach basic sculpting skills to create a winged gargoyle including sculpting expression and character in the face of the gargoyle, how to create scales and texture, how to make wings that are the same size and with bat like ribs, how to make toes and feet, how to sculpt muscles and much more. And then I show you how to do a really nice finish when your gargoyle is complete. I also talk about tools and materials needed and I include a list of those things and where to get them right on the video. See my art creations at and get free shipping on your purchases when you use this coupon code: FREESHIPPING


Trevor54 (author)2016-02-07

Nice, but save yourself cooking time and Sculpey by using a tinfoil core.

jakecreates made it! (author)Trevor542016-02-09

Trevor meet Trevor. I named him after you because your comment inspired me to try this good sized gargoyle with a tinfoil core. Trevor is 6 inches tall and his sizable torso and rear end is tinfoil with a skin of polymer clay. He is made of 1.5 pounds of Sculpey 3. The tinfoil core saved me about a pound of clay and baking time was reduced to half. I am grateful Trevor (human version) for your comment and resulting inspiration. Nice.

Trevor54 made it! (author)jakecreates2016-02-10

Thank you. I'm flattered to be associated with such a splendid fellow. I use corers to save money and weight, as some of my pieces are rtelatively large. This one is an Art Deco-style Queen I made for the wife for Christmas. About 24" tall.

jakecreates (author)Trevor542016-02-07

Thanks for your comment. Lets keep in mind though that the "core" that I started with was really small. Most of the mass on this piece are the elements I added to the polymer clay core which is necessary to build onto - hips, legs, feet, tail, wings, head and scales. I think for a bigger piece, it might be a good idea, Trevor - but not for a gargoyle like this and this size in this Instructable. And really, if you want a big gargoyle, you might consider using self-hardening clay as it is easy to work with and costs only about a $1 a pound. Sculpey 3 costs $10 to $15 per pound. I always appreciate comments. Thanks.

jakecreates made it! (author)2016-02-06

Back in the early 90s, all I made was Gargoyles and because of the Washington Post Article shown here, I had a thriving business making and selling them. I really liked making gargoyles because there was not really a rules and since I am a self-taught sculptor that was a very good thing for me. And gargoyles are just so cool. :-)

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