How to Seal Food Without a Vacuum Sealer





Introduction: How to Seal Food Without a Vacuum Sealer

I show a simple, quick and inexpensive method to remove air from plastic bags without needing a vacuum sealer. This is a very easy method to seal food in mostly air-free freezer bags. When you freeze food in bags you want them to be air free because air will dry out foods like meat and cause it to lose flavor, texture, and sometimes even color. It also helps to prevent freezer burn and is useful for marinating. The food is placed into the bag and it is sealed with a little section at the end open. The bag is dipped into the water and the air escapes through the opening. The open section is sealed and the bag is lifted from the water. The best way to preserve meat is to wrap them in freezer paper and then put it in the bag using the water displacement method to remove the air from the bag.

Step 1: Materials

- Zip-Lock Bags

- Tub of Water

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)



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    i'm gonna try this! Does it matter if the water is hot or cold? Have you ever used it on dried stuff? Without a freezer? I'm thinking it would help save space and better preserve my dried herbs . . . thanks

    Such a shame to see another "Instructable" without the actual instructions.

    So many of these Instructables now with no instructions, just a redirect to YouTube. I miss the days when people made the extra effort to put content on Instructables.

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    I like video, but I agree with you about written step by step. The written steps allow one to follow along. Pausing, rewinding and playing again is not so useful when your hands are wet, oily or dirty.

    In this particular case, the instructions are quite simple without written steps. I didn't watch the video because I understand the principal of Boyles law on an open airspace...but that is me.

    There does exist a "be nice policy here" on Instructables. Your passive aggressive reply was not needed.

    Good job on your Instructable. Thanks for sharing Von Melgowski!

    And when sneakily browsing instructables at work !

    My preferred method of showing how to do something is in a video. It shows exactly how something is done where as with pictures they don't always show everything.

    I do put a lot of effort into my videos and if I can make something someone can follow and accomplish then I have succeeded.

    Please don't take it as a personal attack.

    I appreciate that a video can take a long time to get just right, and linking to it from Instructables is a really simple extra step.

    Adding photos and typing it instructions takes additional time and care, probably half an hour to an hour of additional effort. It's quite a labour of love by the other makers on here, and it would be a great contribution if you did the same when you do have the time.

    Thanks for the video, really hoping you turn it into a full Instructable when you have the time, and contribute more to the community as time goes on.

    It's sure to give you more hits on YouTube as well, as community members really appreciate the effort from others.

    Unfortunately, it's not the preferred method on this website.

    Wow! That's really cool! I never knew that :) Learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing.