How to See All Steps by Default - BUT EASIER!!!





Introduction: How to See All Steps by Default - BUT EASIER!!!

Some of you may know this already, but I am just posting this in case some have not seen the new update and are looking at the other instructable.

I hope you like it!
Or do I?

Materials needed:
your computer
130 ohm resistor
2x 5mm blue LED lights
1 rocker switch.

Step 1: Go to the Best Website on the Internet.

Go to
You already know that, because you are reading this.

Step 2: Register or Log In.

Picture 1) Log In.
Picture 2) Type in account name and password. Then click [Log In!]

If you are registering, finish registering, go to Instructables' home page, and start from step 1.

Step 3: Click on Your Account Name.

Do what Step 3's title said.

Step 4: Click "Modify Settings"

Click modify settings.
A drop down will come down.
Click on "Update Persona".
Your computer might say PERSONAL but mine says PERSONA.

Step 5: Scroll. Then You're Done.

Scroll to the bottom.
You will see what is in the first picture in this step.
Check that little box.
Then, you're done! Click the instructables picture (at the top of your screen), click any instructable, and be happy that you have all steps!
Thanks for looking at my instructable!



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    Yeah. Unfortunately, even if you set the "keep me logged in" switch, the site will log you out every day. Also, I have bookmarked the "recent" tab, but the login redirects me automatically to the "most popular" tab (I don't want the "most popular" tab; that's usually where the lamest instructables are). If I click on the "recent" tab, the top marks me as not logged in again, although I'm still logged in. I'd say there are some e-squirrels in the gears there...

    if u use firefox, and shutdown your computer without closing ff, youll be logged in

    well i dont know about your computer, but i click the keep me logged in, and i stay logged in every single day

    Me too. Check you cookie situation. (If the jar is empty then you'll need to buy some more. While your at it, check your milk situation 'cause you'll be so annoyed if you come back from the shop with a stack of cookies just to find you're out of milk.) Seriously though Zanpaktou's probably on to something.

    lol. LAWL. laugh out loud. however you want to say it, that was pretty funny.


    Me either. apparent ally if you have Mozilla Firefox you never log out automatically.

    firefox always does that on me

    HEY!firefox says im misspelling firefox!