Picture of How to Send Sound using a Laser
We've all heard of it, but most of us didn't know what it was all about, sending sound using the light channel? ... well technically .... yes... but not really. All you really are doing is changing the intensity of the light. This light hits a solar cell which creates energy out of the intensity of the light. And IN TURN it creates sound.

This project has so many different applications, from the whole "cable is to short to reach", now you have no limitations on how far you can transmit the sound, or the Wires all over the room problem. Use your imagination and figure additonal ones out :)

Sound from a speaker is really just energy at different levels that makes a speaker turn into sounds that we can hear.... we'll explain everything in a few minutes. Watch this video if you don't feel like reading or go to our next step.

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Step 1: Getting the Supplies

Picture of Getting the Supplies
Laser sound Transmitter _0004.jpg
Laser sound Transmitter _0007.jpg
Laser sound Transmitter _0006.jpg
Laser sound Transmitter _0003.jpg
Laser sound Transmitter _0009.jpg
Laser sound Transmitter _0008.jpg

Alright unless you want to make this a permanent project we recommend you use alligator clips. They will help you out in the long run.

So you will need several alligator clips

A laser pointer

an Altoids Can (optional)

A solar cell

an Audio Output Transformer

An Audio phone jack

and a battery pack

Easy to get enough at Ebay or your local Radio Shack

Step 2: Setting up your laser

Picture of Setting up your laser
Laser sound Transmitter _0011.jpg
Alright this is a short one, Grab one of your Alligator clips and place them on the inside of your laser there is a small spring in there you will attach a black alligator clip to that. That.s your negative.

On the outside casing you will attach a red one, any where on the outside shell would work this will be your positive.

that's It here :) Nothing more to see
gogoguy3 months ago

Very cool! Would it be possible to do this with video? Maybe with three solar panels and a red, white and yellow cable?

Dr.Bill2 years ago
When I was a kid I had a toy that would transmit my voice like this only there were 2 units, gun like, each with incandescent flashlight bulbs and an amplifier in each as well. It worked in the daytime but it worked way better at night. Wish i could remember what they were called...
Defractal2 years ago
Great tutorial!

However, I'm really stuck.

I've done everything 6 times over and still I can't get any sound.

I get sound before the transformer, I get sound after the transformer, beyond that - nada!

I've eliminated the solar cell and replaced it with another one, still nothing.

I've replaced the laser with an LED and it works - Kind of!
It's intermittent like it's 'buffering'.
The laser doesn't work at all.

Any ideas please anyone?
Thanks very much
megamoonman4 years ago
So simple. I'm surprised a solar cell is sensitive enough to act as a reciever like that.

What's the sound quality like? Is there a lot of degradation?
Just made it: sound quality's fine but it's really quiet so you can't use headphones to hear to the sound
blenderking3 years ago
Wow! This is so cool. I just finished making this, it's so amazing that you can do that with a laser! Great Job! If any one doesn't want to rig the battery pack or have to buy a new one, find an old rock band guitar, and get a soldering iron and melt the plastic around it and you can get the on/off switch with it and it works (that's what I did)
:D O_o it works with a light bulb 2
Biggimac4 years ago
Just wanted to know can you use a LDR insted of a solar panel
Nawaz Biggimac4 years ago
Yes you can..(and is also cheaper)..However, you need to connect it to a power source such as a battery.(+ve pole of battery connects to one leg of LDR while the other connects to you stereo plug..-ve pole of battery connects to stereo plug...) I did the same thing a while ago and it works just fine except this 1 is way easier than the 1 I did.
good luck... :)
Biggimac Nawaz4 years ago
Thanx very much.
Nawaz Biggimac4 years ago
my pleasure...
Halo_Storm4 years ago
Instead of just telling us how to do it, you should teach people how it actually works. I get the basics but can you explain the purpose of the audio transformer.
Also, I'm having trouble finding info about sending data over FSO, if you know anything about that, I'd love to hear it.
quick before i go to radio shack to start this project...Where is the how is the music being and for that matter how do you chose what music is going to be transformed in the first place?
HM-Innovations (author)  hipydude20014 years ago
Hook it up to a CD player or your phone or anything like that. (The laser part is hooked up to the CD player thats why you have to put on the head phone jack)
could i just use the cell part from say something like a calculator?
HM-Innovations (author)  hipydude20014 years ago
thewizard424 years ago
Transformer. Transformer transformer transformer! Not transmitter. Its an audio transformer
HM-Innovations (author)  thewizard424 years ago
we know it's an Audio Transformer, however when you add the laser, the transformer, battery, and headphone jack, it becomes a transmitter because now you are using the transformer and the additional tools to transmit the sound. Get it?
In the video, you constantly call (incorrectly) the audio transformer an audio transmitter. I think that is what he is talking about.
Yea. exactly
HM-Innovations (author)  thewizard424 years ago
Ah i see it now :( bummer :'( I'm sorry