How to Send a Fake Email without Batch files or Command Prompt

Step 2: Typing the Email of the Recipient

OK, now we get to do some typing.
In the box 'Victim's Email Address', type the email of your victim for the prank.
I typed
Now let's go on to the email subject, sender name and sender email.

Step 7: You are now done.

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kewlbanana4 years ago
 what does this do, exactly?
erikals (author)  kewlbanana4 years ago
I haven't been on instructables in a while so I will explain. When you fill out the form and tell it to send - the fake email will go to the person of your choice (the recipient of your 'email')
so an email you can send to anyone, pretty much. but how is it a prank?
Yellow845 years ago
This is just an instructable on how to use a website?
erikals (author)  Yellow845 years ago
Partly. Most of it is on how to send fake emails.
rimar20005 years ago
Yes, it functions, but the anti-spam filters it. People don't usually check emails sent to the SPAM folder
erikals (author)  rimar20005 years ago
true, but with a little ingenuity, you can create emails that don't get sent to spam. Thanks for your comment
RedFlash5 years ago

I was about to make an instructable on that

But you beat me to it, so you win