How to Send a Fake Email without Batch files or Command Prompt

Picture of How to Send a Fake Email without Batch files or Command Prompt
This instructable will teach you how to send your own fake email without batch files or command prompt.

1x computer
1x working Internet connection
1x internet browser

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Step 1: Go to the website

Picture of Go to the website
Here's where we open up our internet browser and go to http://www.fakesend.com/

Step 2: Typing the Email of the Recipient

Picture of Typing the Email of the Recipient
OK, now we get to do some typing.
In the box 'Victim's Email Address', type the email of your victim for the prank.
I typed dummyemail@email.com
Now let's go on to the email subject, sender name and sender email.

Step 3: The Subject

Picture of The Subject
Ok, Now that we've covered how to enter the victim's email address, we're going to cover how to enter the subject of the email.
In the 'Email Subject' box, type the subject of your email.
I've typed 'Virus Warning'.

Step 4: Entering the Fake Name of the sender

Picture of Entering the Fake Name of the sender
Here we are going to send the fake name of the sender.
In the 'Fake Sender Name' box, we type the name that the sender will have.
I've typed Rudi Geon (sounds weird?)

Step 5: Enter the sender's fake email address

Picture of Enter the sender's fake email address
To enter the sender's supposedly authentic email, we use the 'Sender Email Address' box.
I type rudi30@hotmail.com.

Step 6: Enter contents and validate email

Picture of Enter contents and validate email
Here's where we enter the contents of our email message.
I'll show you where to type the contents, and you can either use the given text or put in your own.
Put the text that you want in your email in the 'Fake email message to be sent' box.

Step 7: You are now done.

Picture of You are now done.
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kewlbanana5 years ago
 what does this do, exactly?
erikals (author)  kewlbanana5 years ago
I haven't been on instructables in a while so I will explain. When you fill out the form and tell it to send - the fake email will go to the person of your choice (the recipient of your 'email')
so an email you can send to anyone, pretty much. but how is it a prank?
Yellow846 years ago
This is just an instructable on how to use a website?
erikals (author)  Yellow846 years ago
Partly. Most of it is on how to send fake emails.
rimar20006 years ago
Yes, it functions, but the anti-spam filters it. People don't usually check emails sent to the SPAM folder
erikals (author)  rimar20006 years ago
true, but with a little ingenuity, you can create emails that don't get sent to spam. Thanks for your comment
RedFlash6 years ago

I was about to make an instructable on that

But you beat me to it, so you win