Video capture of the process.
RAKattack4 years ago
WOW! i didnt even know this existed! i am going to pass this on to my parents who are technologically incompetent (especially when it comes to text messaging!). With such clear steps they will undoubtedly be able to send me text messages in no time. Great idea and great work to whoever put this together!
nursesue4 years ago
Actually this helps my husband and me out quite a bit. We use texting to stay in contact all day long and use it extensively. I am on the computer alot so this way I don't have to have my phone by my side all the time. I can send a txt from the computer. Anything that makes life simpler is wonderful.

Thanks much
navig8r4 years ago
New technology. Getting better all the time. This was great except that there are to many ads. I have a laptop with a broadband wireless adapter with Verizon. I can take it and use it anywhere I can get in touch with a tower and get service. Now I can txt anyone even if I don't have my cell. Now that's service.

Thanks to whom ever put this together.

David NM
hummerbirdy4 years ago
I never knew that I could use the computer to "text" people! I can now text my grandchildren in Michigan. I could not read some of the message on the screen, but I did get the idea. The video was helpful, but the arrow was too small to see without my glasses.
T.K. in CA