Introduction: How to Set ANYTHING to Start Up When You Log on to Your Computer - Windows XP

If you can click it to open it, you can make it start up with your computer. You don't need to download anything either.

Step 1: 1337

Put a shortcut to the file, or the file itself in the "Startup" folder in your Start Menu.

No really, that's it.

Either double click the folder to open it, or drag and drop it in.

Everything in this folder will now start up when you log on. This folder is independent from everyone else's startup folder, which means if you put something in your startup folder, it will not go into other people's (Windows account's) start up folder.


shoyru_master_11 (author)2010-04-28

does it go into C:\WINDOWS ???

shoyru_master_11 (author)2010-04-28

this would work well with Magical Antivirus 2010

Mr. Halloween (author)2007-11-11

yea thats kool

redzepeda (author)2007-08-06

Hey thanks, it worked perfectly.

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