How to Set Up a Wireless Hotspot - From Ethernet (Windows 7)

Picture of How to Set Up a Wireless Hotspot - From Ethernet (Windows 7)

This is my first Instructable so all constructive critiscm is welcome.

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to set up your own wireless access point using Windows 7's "Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" .You will need a pre-existing wired (ethernet) internet connection to set up the wireless hotspot.

Some of you may now be wondering "Why would I want to set up a wireless hotspot when my laptop is already connected to the internet?"

OK just imagine this situation:

Just say you were staying at a hotel on a business trip and the hotel offered free internet access via ethernet (not wireless). If you wanted to connect an Ipad or similar device, you would need to either set up your own router (and come on, how many of you honestly can say they would bring a router with you on business trips?) OR you could follow this guide and setup your own wireless access point, thereby making the connection available to any WiFi capable device.

A Network Interface Card is a card used by your computer or laptop to communicate over a network. There are multiple types of NIC cards that connect to different technologys such as Ethernet or Wireless. Most laptops only have one NIC (Network Interface Card). This lack of multiple Network Interface Cards makes it impossible for a user to have an internet connection whilst sharing a hotspot. Thankfully due to virtualisation, you can "split" your NIC into "two" hardware and while one is connected to the internet, the other can be sharing this internet connection with your other WiFi capable devices.

Anyway enough information, lets get to the instructable.
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kipgendio4 days ago
There is a error in the 2nd command that is typed in CMD.
The command is "netsh wlan start hostednetwork" (without " ").
The 1st commamd creates a virtual wifi adapter
2nd step is to share your internet connection to the virtual adapter
3rd step (i.e the 2nd cmd) is to start the virtual hostednetwork.

Btw i use this alot but never used "the KeyUsage=persistant".
so guys if the above doesnt work, try removing "KeyUsage=Persistant"
M. DawodS14 days ago

I failed to enable my wifi miniport, I followed your instruction step by step, the CMD said that my operation was successful but nothing happened in real, the mini port is not visible. However, on the same PC in the previous win 7 there was no problem in enabling it. Any help please

adriand12 months ago

I managed the earlier steps .. the final Error is posted in the attached picture.


bro u using windows xp its for windows 7

PatrickO329 days ago

I do not have drop down options under home network connection, it automatically says wi-fi, my ipad detects the new hotspot created but it stays stuck on obtaining IP address and never gets connected at all. What should be my problem?

the what1 year ago
I have this problem. Followed the instruction but I got the response: "You have to run this command from command window (not sure about translation) with rights of an administrator."
Got info from an expert that I´m supposed to right-click someplace at cmd-exe and choose "run as administrator". But don´t understand where to find this. Have tried the [windows]+R to recieve the "RUN" window, but it cannot find where.

run as administer the cmd by right click option it will work surely

jsharp2 the what5 months ago

Instead of "Run" use the "Search" it is Usually found in C:\Windows\System32

ghostmonkeys (author)  jsharp25 months ago

Yeah this is another way of launching it. Make sure you right click and select "Run as Administrator" when you launch it.

ghostmonkeys (author)  the what1 year ago
Hey the what,

Okay. It sounds as if you don't have sufficient privileges to use these commands. As I said in the Instructable, you HAVE to be logged onto the computer with an Administrator account. Are you logged onto your computer with an Administrator account? If you aren't, then log out of your account and log in with the Admin account. If you are, and Using the RUN command to open CMD doesn't work (it normally does, it opens the windows with Administrative privileges) then I would suggest manually going into the C:\Windows\System32 directory and opening it from there. To do this, you should open the directory, find cmd.exe and right click on it. It should then give you the option to "Run as Administrator". Select that, and if it does not work, send me a PM and I'll help you further.

In summary: open the C:\Windows\System32 folder and right click on cmd and select "run as administrator".

Have a great day,

abhayp1 month ago

hiii ,,, after third step of cmd ...... reply is the hosted network couldnt be started. A device attach the system is not functioning...... so now what should i do???????? please give expert opinion

svvaniawala1 month ago

My wifi hotspot has started, but every time I start the computer, I have to go to cmd and type the command "netsh wlan start hostednetwork". How to keep this permanently enabled so that I do not have to go to cmd and type everytime?

lagunabad1 year ago
can i ask, how i wan to change the password. because my password key now is "Password" .. lol

Try typing in the whole command again but after the "key=" put in your own password. (i.e. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=[desired ssid] key[desired password] keyUsage=persistent). It worked for me. Hope this helps!

s9100811 month ago

Thanks so much for this info!

sabyasachi14 months ago

thank you so much for the help.....i can now host my own hotspot thanks to u

rakesh1712095 months ago

How to share LAN Internet over WiFi on Laptop or PC without any Software Within 30 second-follow instruction given in video-

Aditi Sharma5 months ago

i wr following ur instructions. But my pc is shwng "The following command not found: wlan set hostednetwork.........................

Now what i can do

nvenkataraman6 months ago

Everything done exactly as instructed, wifi hotspot started perfectly.

but wen i try to connect my iphone or ipad via wifi it doesnt get connected. and after trying repeatedly, it gets connected but once i start browsing the wifi connection goes off and the web page loads in my 3G connection. its lik the hotspot doesnt provide internet connection.

kindly help

Vitalhb6 months ago

I used your instructions and it worked very well! I would like to add that I was able to set up a wireless hotspot and share my wireless network connection as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

steve78769 months ago
Oh and also something else: If you would like go around all of these CMD codes and also such, you will find there's method which has a wonderful GUI known as "Connectify" -- Minus the estimate grades needless to say: ).Houlton Institute
milkncookiez10 months ago
Heyo. I used you tut and it worked out. But that was when I had a static IP. Now I had to change to automatically obtaining the IP and settings and this thing doesn't work anymore. I uploaded a screenshot of how my adapter settings look like.
I start the network, I see it, but I cannot connect to it - it just loads and loads...
koolkat665711 months ago
i have set this up but it says "cannot connect" on my 2DS. The security key does not work is there another way to set this up in a GUI environment? When i set up the name for it it doesn't show in the adaptor settings. it just says the PC's name instead.
smilyshaan11 months ago
i dont get any new connection as the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter - The virtual NIC.
milkncookiez11 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
ghostmonkeys (author)  milkncookiez11 months ago
Are you able to connect any other Devices to it? Say a computer?
It worked out, I don't know why. Today I tried again (with my phone again) and it worked just like that... :D
It's almost like when I am prgramming:
- My code doesn't work. I don't know why.
- My code works. I don't know why.
ghostmonkeys (author)  milkncookiez11 months ago
Hahaha. Seems like you just needed to restart it ;)
ghostmonkeys (author)  milkncookiez11 months ago
Are you able to connect any other Devices to it? Say a computer?
vgoenka1 year ago
I cannot start the hotspot. After entering the above command as suggested by you, my computer says - The hosted network couldn't be started. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

samsin1 year ago
ghostmonkeys (author) please send me your contact email id ...i want to learn ccna .
jyshaikh1 year ago

I have setup as described by you. Now the problem at the point of connection. I have found the HotSpot connection in my mobile and my smart tv. But on selecting the same, it can not go through. It failed on IP address point at both deviced. On status for HotSpot, it says No Internet Access.

Can you help? Does this related to service by provided? I use the Broadband connection and connecting to laptop via LAN cable.

Please help.

shtihl1 year ago
This great stuff. My only comment pertains to "windows+r" is that only opens the 'run' dialogue. You need to enter 'cmd' in the box. A quick way to get to cmd.exe is to type it into search box in start menu. It should pop up at top of start menu allowing one to run it as administrator by right-clicking it

On a side note, what is the device you have pictured? It looks like an Ethernet wifi adapter
dan_dc011 year ago
The first time I tried this it worked like a charm. Everything went as described. But that was a test. Now I am trying to replicate it on the same windows 7 laptop but instead of using the LAN card I am trying to use a mobile broadband card in the same computer. I am traveling and have a connection to internet via a service provider in the country I am in. When I tried to start the hosted network I got an error "a device connected to the system is not functioning". When I right click the main wireless connection I get several options not available in the miniport including "bridge connection" and "diagnose". Choosing diagnose I get windows does its thing and tells me that the wireless radio is off (for some reason I have to keep turning it on manually) and turned it back on for me. Now that it is on, the start hosted network command returns the following error:
"The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation."

Once possibility is that Lenovo installed something that manages some network connections like wireless connections ("manage wireless connections", displacing the native windows versions. I have no idea how to turn this off and worry that it may be mucking about with some settings and not letting me control it.
Any hints on why this works with a network card but not a mobile broadband card?
thegeeke2 years ago
I can honestly say I bring wireless routers with me on business trips... (dd-wrt on them of course...) does that make me a geek or something? ;)
ghostmonkeys (author)  thegeeke2 years ago
He he. Only us hardcore geeks would bring a wireless router with us - especially one formatted with dd-wrt ;D. I hope you enjoyed the Instructable.

Here's my batch file:

@echo off
set name=(Your default SSID here)
set pass=(Your default password here)
set/p "com=>"
if %com%==Start goto start
if %com%==Stop goto stop
if %com%==stop goto stop
if %com%==start goto start
if %com%==password goto password
if %com%==Password goto password
if %com%==Name goto ssid
if %com%==name goto ssid
if %com%==ssid goto ssid
if %com%==exit exit
goto begin
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
echo please enter the new password:
set/p "pass=>"
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=%name% key=%pass%
goto begin
echo please enter the new ssid:
set/p "name=>"
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=%name% key=%pass%
goto begin

All you have to do is save this as "Whatever command.bat", put it in your system32 folder, and then just type in "Whatever command" in a command line, and use your commands to navigate through the file. I think it's easier than remembering the commands... ;)

BTW... rebroadcasting is possible as long as you are full duplex. Connect to your network, then start the service. I think it changes everything from full duplex to half duplex... so I don't think it works in half duplex. :)
ghostmonkeys (author)  thegeeke2 years ago
Woah man! Really awesome! I do have a question though:

Please correct me if I'm wrong - I'm still only studying for the CCNA - but don't all Window's Wireless networks run at half duplex? Whereas the wired connection runs at half duplex by default but is configurable to run at full duplex? I checked my Wired connection settings and it was set to "Auto Negotiate" but it did give me the option for 10 and 100 mb/s both half and full duplex. When i checked my wireless's settings it didnt even come up with any options to change the duplex or speed at all. :(

I suspect my wireless card only runs at half duplex :( that would be why I have to setup a 'virtual' NIC to share and recieve data.

So your method of 'sharing' the wireless connection would only be possible if the wireless card is full duplex.

As I said before, please correct me if I'm wrong.


The CCNA is a great cert... where are you at in your studies? (Subnetting, routing, switching, WAN, etc.)

Actually, it depends on your NIC for the duplex... and I don't think there is a way to change it, but to be honest, I've never tried. All of my NICs run at full duplex and I didn't do any sort of hacking to them... so at least in the US I don't think it has anything to do with the OS itself. (Obviously other countries have different rules... so maybe in other countries half duplex is the only WiFi allowed... but it's been awhile since I've looked into the laws in other countries)

As far as I can tell, you have to be in full duplex in order to "share" the WiFi.
ghostmonkeys (author)  thegeeke2 years ago
Yes the CCNA is a great Cert, its internationaly recognised so If I were to move overseas the Certificate would still be valid. I'm also doing a Certficate III in IT through my school - It's not that good, its only Australia wide and is a basic course really. I have only just started the CCNA course - I'm still doing Switching technologies. Have you got a CCNA, or greater, status? I don't know anyone with the Cert - although my Father is WAY more qualified and experienced than me in the matter so he is helping me along the way :)

"All of your NICs" - I only have one, but i'm using a netbook so.... :( but that is why I set up the Virtual Wifi adapter - so I could share my internet connection.

I have to agree with your statement that the NIC has to be full duplex to share WiFI, but does that mean that setting up the virtual adapter somehow makes the NIC full duplex? I don't know really, I'm still a little bit of a beginner in the field.

I'm not really sure if there is any law's preventing a full duplex NIC, but if there were, they would be a little... ignored... ;)

Oh and by the way, I have been editing your batch program you posted. I've made it a little more user friendly, with a menu and help section - I might PM you with it once I've edited it a little more.

Thanks for all your help,

Nathan Freeman
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