How to Set Up and Use a Sprayer on a Four-wheeler

Picture of How to Set Up and Use a Sprayer on a Four-wheeler
The purpose of this Instructable is to show how to set up and use a sprayer on a four-wheeler. 

Before using the sprayer, you must get a pesticide license. More information about how to prepare for the test, take the test, and get the license is at the local extension office or online through the Department of Agriculture.  Chemicals can't be sold to a buyer without this license.  There is also valuable safety information that you will learn during the preparation for the license test.

Setting up the sprayer should only take 7 to 14 minutes, while the actual spraying time will vary depending on size and distance between weed areas.

Materials needed:
Measuring Device
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
4 Rubber Tie-down Straps

After following these steps, there shouldn't be a weed that will survive the wrath of your sprayer.
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Step 1: Take the Seat Off

Picture of Take the Seat Off
Usually there is a handle or a button.  Press this to make the seat to come off.  Taking off the seat will allow access to the battery's wires that will power the sprayer's motor.

Step 2: Take Wires Out

Picture of Take Wires Out
Find the end connections of the black and red cables.  These will be attached to the sprayer motor later on.  There will also be a switch to find.  This will turn the sprayer motor on and off.

Step 3: Put Seat Back on

Picture of Put Seat Back on
Make sure the two cables and the on/off switch are exposed when the seat is put back on.  The cables and switch should be exposed from the seat at least 4 inches.

Step 4: Set the Sprayer on the Four-wheeler

Picture of Set the Sprayer on the Four-wheeler
Make sure the sprayer is facing the correct way by checking the sprayer motor.  The location where the sprayer hose hooks up to the sprayer motor should be facing the back of the four wheeler as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Unravel Part of the Hose

Picture of Unravel Part of the Hose
Unravel enough hose so the sprayer wand can easily reach the front of the four-wheeler.  Don't unravel too much hose otherwise it can get caught in the four-wheeler wheels.