Tired of wanting to smoke hookah, but don't know what you need or how to set everything up? If so, you came to the right place. One of my friends taught me everything I know, so now its my turn to teach you!

On the table below, I have laid out everything we are going to be using-minus ice cubes, which are in the freezer, and the stove.

In the following illustration, I have made silhouettes of everything we are using, completely disassembled as well as a letter next to it for further explanation. It goes as following:

A: The Vase-holds the water and ice
B: Tin Foil-placed on top of the bowl for the coals to rest on
C: Bowl-holds the shisha(flavored tobacco)
D: Upper Stem-where you draw the smoke from through the bowl and into the hose
E: Grommet-fits on top of the stem to give a proper seal with the bowl
F: Ash Catcher-catches any ash that might fall from flipping and rotating the coals
G: Tooth Pick-used to poke holes in the foil
H: Hose-used to draw the air through the hookah
I: Coals-heats the shisha
J: Lower stem-screws into upper stem and sits in the bowl under the water level
K: Shisha Jar-the flavored tobacco we are going to smoke
L: Tongs-allow us to handle the coals without getting burned
M: Scalli Mod-fits in the bowl so shisha can't fall down the stem and promotes even airflow

Step 1: Initial Setup

First pick out which flavor shisha you would like to smoke and set it aside.

Bring your vase over to the sink and fill it up to the blue arrow with cold water. We will be putting ice cubes in later so the water will rise, but we can't put them in now because the glass might crack from the heat difference.

Pick out two nice looking coals and place them by your stove top for later.

Turn on your stove to high so it heats up fast. We are using natural coals and can't be lit with a lighter like quicklights can.
Where did you get this bowl? <br>
&nbsp;I've tried this several times, and it is really good. The only problem is that lately it has been tasting extremely ashy, it tastes like ash incase my made up word didn't make sense... Any suggestions as to why or what i may need to change?<br /> --Thanks
i should add to never use soap to clean your hookah, your better off using kosher salt and 30% alcohol solution to clean it, happy smoking <br />
on part D, the upper stem, what is the screw thing on the other side? mine has one aswell
It is the valve that lets air go out when you purge.
ah i see, mine is completely closed off, do i need to take it out when i use it or unscrew it sightly to let the air out?
No, you don't need to take it out or anything. It might actually be a port for another hose if you have an adapter.
sorry for a double post but in step 1 you said not to put ice iin it until later because it might break from the hot to cold change but why is this? as far as i can see, the only heat in the whole thing would be in step 6 and even then the heat doesn't really reach the glass vase, so from what i can see it cant break fro hot to cool extremes. How come we wait to put the ice in?
Well, the vase is at room temperature and the water you are putting in is allot colder than that. The vase itself is not hot, but in comparison to the water, it is. And I do not know the exact physics behind why drastic changes in temperature breaks things, but I think it has to do with the rapid expansion and contraction of the glass. By waiting to put the ice in, the water cools the vase as it sits so there isn't that big of a temperature change.
ah of course, sorry, i didn't think about that. mine lives in a tea towel so it doesnt break in my bag so i guess i should remember that step. does the ice do anything to the smoke or just help the water rise?
The ice cools down the smoke so when you take a hit, it is smoother, cooler, and less harsh.
im pissed. i got kicked out of a store when i tried to buy a hookah just because i rode my bike and forgot my license. im 19. the guy said i was "jacakassing" when i told him the deal with my bike and all.
go in with your ID then he'll sell it to you
What can also be used for when you don't have coals? A lighter by itself does not work.
In order to smoke hookah, you need coals.
This is a very good looking bowl I must say. In South Africa we only get the bland ceramic heads (as we call it). By the way, Just a tip. You shouldn't pack the tobacco (that's what we call it in SA) so that it's higher than the rim of the bowl. If the tobacco touches the foil, it will burn, and that leaves a very nasty taste, and it actually burns your lungs. You just want to inhale the steam coming off the tobacco. Not the smoke of it burning.
You are partially correct. Actually, with the phunnel bowl, you want to pack it slightly higher than the rim. With a standard bowl, you do not want to overpack it at all. The way that the phunnel bowls work, you won't get that burnt layer of shisha on top like you would with a standard bowl.
Sweet! Looks like I was doing it all wrong before. Where did you get that bowl, I haven't seen it at the shops by me?
I'm glad you liked it. The bowl is a jet funnel bowl found at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mnhookah.com/">http://www.mnhookah.com/</a><br/>