Introduction: How to Setup LED Demon Eye W/ Smart Phone Bluetooth App

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This installation guide on how to set up the app that connects through Bluetooth. This App can be found in both Apple Store and Google Play, called "Happy Lighting"

Step 1:

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There will be a QR code, scan or look up the QR code and it will direct you to the download of the app. Or you can download the app from your application store; App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

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Once app is downloaded go to your Bluetooth Settings and connect to the device named "Triones-XXXXXXX" (i.e. Triones-EA8F291D).

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While trying to connect, it is going to ask you for a pin number. The PIN number will be ‘0000’. Type this number in and select OK.

Step 4:

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Find your app and open the app and select your device name again it will be "Triones-XXXXX"

Step 5:

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You’re all set! Make sure that the RGB LED Demon Lights work. You should be able to see a display on your phone that allows you to choose the color to suit your person preference as well as multiple settings such as flashing/strobe modes and a music responding feature.


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