How to Setup Your Skateboard


Introduction: How to Setup Your Skateboard

Here i will show you how to quickly setup your skateboard in just a couple easy steps

Step 1: These Are the Things You Need

#1 deck
#2 griptape (mine is pre gripped)
#3 trucks
#4 hardware
#5 bearings
#6 spacers (optional)
#7 wheels
And a skate tool ( you can also use a wrench and a philips head screw driver or allen key

Step 2: First Tighten the Trucks

Put screws through the drilled holes from the top and tighten the nut on the bottom repeat with all the rest of the holes and remember always put the side with bushings toward the inside

Step 3:

Push the bearings in the wheels with a spacer in between bearings and tighten the nut but not all the way leave a small amount of wiggle room in between the bearing and nut

Step 4:

Then put on skate shoes and skate safe and have fun



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