There is absolutely nothing better than flying down a Colorado mountain on a snowboard! I am going to describe how to setup and wax a snowboard so anyone can be ready to ride in minutes.

Setting up and waxing a snowboard are essential to being able to get out on that mountain and ride like the wind. I will be able to explain how to put on bindings and which type of stance can suit you as a rider. You will learn how to select the right wax for your type of riding and the way to properly put it on the board. Also I will cover adding the finishing touch, a stomp pad, which will make getting on and off the lifts easier. After completion the reader will feel good about having a well setup board for their specific needs and skill level.

Step 1: RETRIEVE the Following Materials.

Materials List (Figure 1)
• Snowboard deck you wish to setup.
• Bindings that fit your riding style and have all the bolts needed to setup.
• Binding disc.
• Philips wrench that fits the binding bolts.
• Leash.
• Hot iron.
• Wax.
• Scraper.
• Edger.
• Table to perform the waxing on.
• If necessary a sheet to put down to catch wax shavings.
• Stomp pad.
When selecting a board this should be an extensive operation. Following is selection information on different board types.

Board Size (Figure 2)
For the size of the board when you stand it straight up it should come between your nose and your chin. If you plan on riding in the powder mostly a longer board should be considered, however, if you are going to hang out in the park all day a shorter board can be desirable.

Board Type
The brand you choose will fall mostly on your opinion. Every manufacturer will provide guidelines for what riding style each deck is designed. If you are a beginner rider it would not be wise to purchase a pipe board so be sure to match up the board you want with your abilities.

Binding Type (Figure 3)
The most important thing with bindings is to first check that the bindings you are looking at will fit the boot you wear. If you want fast release of boots and bindings you can purchase types like these, however, if you want a firmer hold a more traditional binding will suit your needs.

Wax Type (Figure 4)
Wax type will depend mainly on where you are riding. Waxes function best in the temperature ranges put on the box. If you are riding in a cold climate be sure to buy a low degree wax but if you are cruising in a warm area buy that type.

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What year model is your burton dominant?
to tell you the truth I know its quite old probably 5 to 8 years old but I picked it up in Colorado and its a limited edition dominant called a domifari that is why it has the zebra stripes. I have never seen another on the mountain and that is why I dig this board.
hey, have you ever heard of Lamar. Its a board company, but do they make good boards?
Cool. I have an old crappy snowboard but I'm suppose to get a new one for my birthday. After all, with the price of a new board today (especialy burton and DC) you have to work your way up.
Do you know where I can get new screws and a stomp pad for my board? Could I get them at Zumiez or something?
You could pick these items up at any zumies I believe also a website called the-house.com has everything snowboarding and ships out.
Oh nevermind. You can get it all at Zumiez . Check it out Snow stuff is on sale!

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