Step 5: Sewing the crotch

Picture of Sewing the crotch
Turn one leg right side out and slip it inside the other leg. Match up the side seams that you just sewed and pin from there up both sides of the crotch to the waist. Sew along the crotch, pulling the pins as you sew. I reinforce this seam the same way I did the leg seams by sewing a second seam very close to the first one. Then I clip the curve to leave less fabric in the crotch area. Take the pant leg out of the other one but leave the PJ pants inside out.

Now they should look like inside-out pajama pants with raw edges at the waist and legs. If they don't, ur doing it wrong.
ccn2223 years ago
Great instructions. I was a bit confused at first, but the photos helped make the steps clear. Nice job! Thanks!
thankyouthankyouthankyou. My little brother wants to wear pj pants and pj pants only lately and both of his now are getting too short. Making these right now out of $2 a yard dinosaur fabric. too good.