How to Sew a Beautiful Reversible Skirt...step by Step Tutorial. Enjoy!





Introduction: How to Sew a Beautiful Reversible Skirt...step by Step Tutorial. Enjoy!

This is a free sewing tutorial for a simple (girls and women) skirt showing you how easy it is to sew it yourself. The skirt can be sewn from cotton fabrics for the summer and thicker fabrics for the winter or in jersey for the entire year. We show you step by step how easy it is to sew this summer skirt / skirt with an elastic band / women´s skirt / girl´s skirt. You can also sew this style from jersey and / or with a knitted cuff.

Further you can sew a reversible skirt and/or balloon skirt. Our eBook explains all variations. You will find this gorgeous skirt pattern on our homepage unter the category “Patterns”.

We offer this skirt pattern in the sizes:

62-104 / 6 months – 4/5 yrs.:

110-152 / 5 – 12 yrs.:

158 - women´s 46 / 13 yrs. – women´s Large:

Anything else to mention? No other than: enjoy watching and maybe you are eager to sew this pattern! Enjoy sewing! Your Zierstoff team, Joanna & Ilka



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    That is such a cute idea and I love all of those fun fabrics :)

    Hi Penelopy,

    Thanks! :-)

    We also love to create new styles using different fabrics. We have many great patterns in our shop. Feel free to look. Best wishes, Joanna & Ilka