How to Sew a Cute Summer Sun Dress and Make Your Own Clothes

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This gorgeous, trendy dress was featured in our "Every Style Has a Common Thread" advertisement to represent a Valley Girl look. It was inspired by characters like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Cher from Clueless. The dress calls for a technique known as smocking, which uses an elastic bobbin to create a ruffled, comfortable, and form-fitting bodice. The entire dress can be made with only the instructions below with no patterns, and in addition to smocking, you will learn and hone techniques such as gathering and seam finishing. Top off this dress with a floppy hat and sun glasses for summer fun. Please read ALL the directions first before beginning your sundress.

This and more can be found at http://www.lovetosew.com
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Step 1:

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To make the summer sundress you will need:
*about 1.5 yards of solid fabric
*about 1.0 yard of print fabric
*matching thread
*elastic thread
Please Note: Our estimates for needed fabric for this project are based on a size 8 dress. It's always best to buy more fabric if need be. (You can always make a matching bag from the left over fabric.)

Step 2:

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You will not need a pattern to make this dress. We will be cutting the fabric into a rectangle for the dress with your measurements.
First, measure your bust and your hips. Which ever measurement is bigger that is the one you will use. Now add 1/2 of that number to your measurement and that is your width measurement for the dress.

Example: If your hip measurement was the largest that's the one to use. Let's say your hip measured 34". Add 1/2 of that measurement which is 17".

34" + 17" = 51" So 51" would be your width measurement for the dress.
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