Picture of How to Sew a Fish Cat House
Your cats will love this! As I began sewing it together - it's as though my cats knew I was making something for them. My cat Tommy (in the photos) loved the new home instantly! She was laying all over the material even before I began sewing things together. So the fishy cat house definitely looks crazy and a little silly - but that's what is great about it! You can easily alter the pattern and just use it to create a house for your kitties without making it into a fish. That's up to you! The full pattern is available so you can download in the next step. The final cat house will be approximately 25 inches long by 9 1/2 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Also, I researched these online and only found the same old strange looking fish cat houses that people have made, based off of one single pattern that's sold in stores. I didn't like how it looked and the reviews weren't so good. So, I made my own. It's not perfect but I like how it turned out. :) This project is a little tough to sew when you get to the end - and you have to maneuver this big thing around your sewing machine. But if you're up for it - let's get started!

I couldn't figure out what to call this!!! A cat-eating fish house - a fish-eating cat house - I'm so confused! :) lol... So I stuck with a Fish Cat House!
Expana18 days ago

This is awesome! So well done :) Gorgeous kitty :) xx Nat

mhebert0085 months ago

That's so cute! This is just the spring break project I've been looking for.

What a lovely DIY! We've featured you over on the FaveCrafts Blog! :)


Cindy021 year ago
studleylee2 years ago
My little Kharman Ghia would love this. I'm gonna make one soon.
HollyMann (author)  studleylee2 years ago
awesome to hear!
Funny...Very funny.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh! How did I miss this? It's so cute! I might need to try something like this so Lu stops stealing Roscoe's dog bed. :D

And Tommy is just beautiful!
HollyMann (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks Jessy! :) That's cute Lu keeps stealing the dog bed! :) Cats are so funny. Your cats are beautiful too!
origami992 years ago
Purrfect! My cats will love this. Thanks!!
shazni2 years ago
Awwww so cute! lovely :-)
If there was a PET contest, this would had been a grand prize winner :). Great work Holly :). I am not a cat person but your cat looks so cute inside the fish mouth :D.
I think it has a really good chance in the craft contest, too! I hope you have entered it, you've certainly got my vote!
oh yes, almost forgot about that :).
HollyMann (author)  BrittLiv2 years ago
Thank you guys so much! I did enter it into the Craft one :) thanks for the support!
LOL its usually the kitty that's enjoying a fish dinner and not the other way around. Love it and I'm sure the kitties love it too. But If I was to make something like that for my kitty it would have to be large since he loves to spread out. I would have to make a whale shark possibly. Or some other type of shark? Hummm
HollyMann (author)  Treasure Tabby2 years ago
A whale shark would be awesome! Too cute!!!
M.C. Langer2 years ago
The irony of a cat inside the mouth of a fish. Amazing job Holly!!!
ChrysN2 years ago
That is so adorable, I love it!
HollyMann (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Aww thanks Chrysn!
lotuslady2 years ago
Brilliant idea! This is an awesome cathouse! :3
HollyMann (author)  lotuslady2 years ago
Thank you lotuslady :)
Attmos2 years ago
Cool! I like the concept of seeing a cat relaxing in a big fish, funny.
HollyMann (author)  Attmos2 years ago
Thanks Attmos!
lgiuliani2 years ago
Adorable! Tommy sure seems to love his Fish Cat House=great idea!
HollyMann (author)  lgiuliani2 years ago
Thanks!!! :) Tommy needed her own hideout!
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
HollyMann (author)  GorillazMiko2 years ago
Thank you so much - that is such a nice comment! Awesome!
ynze2 years ago
...and much prettier than a actual catfish :-)
HollyMann (author)  ynze2 years ago
Thanks!!! :)
Soo nice! If my cats will look at instructables they will sure pretend one!