Introduction: How to Sew a Gold Tote Bag From Old Jeans

I found recently old gold jean in my wardrobe, I don't use them any more as I'm not particular fan of low hip pants . I used them maybe 3 times and hid on the bottom of the wardrobe.

But now I decided I must do something with those jeans finally ,as my wardrobe doesn't have entrance to Narnia so it's place is limited, jeans are also in great shape so it would be big waste to throw away. Then I saw on Asos site beautiful gold tote bags and I knew what I will do with them.

Step 1: Inspiration

My beautiful inspiration :-) KLIK

I copied it but in my own style <3

Step 2: Materials and Equipment

I used for this bag my old bro's shirt :-D and my old gold jeans

You need:

  1. sewing machine
  2. threads
  3. fabrics
  4. pins or clips ! Always use sharp, stainless still pins
  5. scissors

Step 3: Tip

A steam iron should be used throughout the processof making your bag, not only at the final stages.

Always iron or press fabrics first beforecutting out the pattern. The base of the iron should be kept clean and the ironing board fitted with a padded cover that should be cleaned or change regularly.

Step 4: How to Sew Big Tote Bag? Part 1

1) cut out big parts of fabrics from jeans
join those parts and sew them

you will receive perfect fabric for your bag

2) cut out rectangle 14/19 inches from your fabric, it will be main fabric of the bag

next cut lining from shirt , remember that lining must be slightly smaller ;-)

Step 5: How to Reinforce the Bag?

it's optional solution but you can reinforce the bag with interfacing

add the interfacing to the left side of the main fabric and iron it

little tip

don't put the iron directly on interfacing , it's better to use thin cotton fabric between iron and fabric

Step 6: How to Make Handles ?

cut out 18 inches of side seam from jeans , 2 times!

pin handles symmetric to the front of the bag

Step 7: How to Attach Handles to Bag ?

before sewing check the measurements with little help of ruler , handles must be same ;-)

once the handles are made , it can be attached to the bag

pin handle and sew them with zigzag

on photo above you can see handles sewn into the bag

Step 8: Optional

Pockets are most easily added to the lining before the parts are joined, while the fabric is still lying completely flat.

take the pocket from old jeans

pin it in right place

and sew it to lining of the bag

Step 9: How to Sew Big Tote Bag? Part 2

1) join together the right sides of the lining and main fabric

2) sew both up and down part

3) next fold it and pin with clips or pins

4) sew them together leaving little gap in lining
trim excess fabric to fit if there is a need ;-)

5) turn bag right side out through gapsew the gap

6) pin with pins or clips and sew this time on the right side of the bag

Step 10: Ready Bag

the bag is ready and I love it , it's perfect for school and work

I also sew little wallet as perfect match for my bigger bag from same fabric

perfect remake old trousers and shirt into big gold tote ..and little wallet


NanQueen (author)2017-01-25

Want some Gold jeans now!! Denim will do. Thanks for sharing & VOTED!!!


I'm so very happy and thank you !

Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2017-01-21

This is brilliant!


thank you ! :-)

Mjtrinihobby (author)2017-01-17



thank you! I'm glad you like my bags &(^-^)&


Bags and creator are awesome.


oh thank you ! <3

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