How to Sew a Gold Tote Bag From Old Jeans





Introduction: How to Sew a Gold Tote Bag From Old Jeans

About: Hello, my name is Aniela and I want to warmly welcome you %(^-^)%. I love widely understood DIY. I hope my tutorials will help you making your life better and funnier.

I found recently old gold jean in my wardrobe, I don't use them any more as I'm not particular fan of low hip pants . I used them maybe 3 times and hid on the bottom of the wardrobe.

But now I decided I must do something with those jeans finally ,as my wardrobe doesn't have entrance to Narnia so it's place is limited, jeans are also in great shape so it would be big waste to throw away. Then I saw on Asos site beautiful gold tote bags and I knew what I will do with them.

Step 1: Inspiration

My beautiful inspiration :-) KLIK

I copied it but in my own style <3



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    In fact, this reads like an ad for forever 21

    Seriously? This is not a tutorial. Do you know what a tutorial is?

    Want some Gold jeans now!! Denim will do. Thanks for sharing & VOTED!!!

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