Step 6: Final Tip & Photos

Final Tip: Take your time & iron away! If you skip all the ironing, your chair won't look as professionally done. Also take your time with the zipper - it's important! Have fun and make lots of these chairs for the kids! I plan to make a few more with different colored material & different sizes!
Love These! Tommy & your son are excellent models, too!
Your son is so cute! *squeals* Great idea too!
Aww thanks so sweet!
Sorry for the late reply! You're welcome. You make such cool stuff!
Verry nice! I can tell is very comfy looking at your sons smile! Good Job Hollymann! <br>I think I will do the same while laying down w/ A book,a nurf pistol on hand and a nerf machinegun by my side ready for battle. =D
Thanks PitStop - loved your comment! :) Made my son laugh! Definitely stay ready for the battle - need lots of nerf guns by your side!
<p> Yup yup.. and lots of ammo !! Glad to make someone laugh! ;)<br> Hey, I also wanted to mention that for stuffing you can recycle cushions from sofas that someone wants to get rid of or puts out by the road to go to the landfill. Also if you have a few heavy quilts/comforters maybe when in storage when not in use. The clothes is a great idea as long as you remove some buttons you might feel when sitting on them. Like the ones on some jeans.</p>
Those are excellent ideas and tips. I like your ideas for the stuffing/filling for these things! I used a quilt/blanket that I had stored and it worked perfectly. And with the clothing -definitely remove all buttons! :)
Thanks Jessy! It is perfect for reading! I made a little reading corner in the living room for my son and he loves it!
So cute! I think I might have to give this pattern a go - this would be perfect for reading, and I bet my cats would love it. :)

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