This vintage-style classy scarf can be worn several ways - as a light-weight scarf or as a cute head-wrap! I haven't seen these styles of scarves sold around where I live and it's so cheap (62 cents for me!) and easy to make one yourself! It'll also fit better and be cuter if you make it the way you like it! Anyone can wrap a big scarf around their head - I like this one because it's so much smaller and light-weight!

You only a small amount of material and a sewing machine to get started! I also provide you with the pattern!

*This is my 50th Instructable by the Way - and one of my favorite things I've made!*

Step 1: Materials Needed

I bought a yard and a quarter of this material on sale at JoAnn for only $3 - making the entire cost of the cute scarf only 62 cents!!! Wow! Five scarves for only $3 is a great deal!

  • 1/4 yard of material of your choice (sheer light-weight materials look nice)
  • Cutting tools - scissors or rotary cutter and mat work well
  • Sewing Machine
  • *optional: I recommended that you use a sewing needle for lightweight or sheer fabric - I used a 60/8
  • *optional: I used a narrow hem presser foot - see image below to see the seam it created & the presser foot

Finished Product:
  • The actual length of the head-wrap will be approximately 35-36 inches. The width will be approximately 8 inches.

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