Introduction: How to Sew an All-in-one Romper Pyjama

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This is a tutorial for how to sew cute all-in-ones that kids love so much to wear. It is based on the creation for a number of different styles, all of which you can find the PDF sewing patterns for at

Step 1: Cut Out Pieces

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For this tutorial you will need to download and print one of the playsuit patterns here

Cut all pattern pieces out including the cuffing.

Step 2: Stitch Shoulder Seams

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Match the front and back shoulder seams and pin and stitch.

Overlock or zig zag the seams. From no on I will refer to this as 'finishing' the seam allowance.

Step 3: Insert Sleeve

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Ease the sleeve into the armhole.

Pin and stitch. Finish the seam.

Step 4: Stitch Side Seams

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Pin and stitch from the sleeve cuff to the end of the leg.

Finish the seam.

Step 5: Center Front

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Finish the center front seam allowances so they are neat and tidy when putting the zip in.

Step 6: Inside Leg

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Pin, stitch and finish the inside leg seam allowances.

Step 7: Prepare to Insert Zip

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Turn one half of the garment right sides out and insert into the other alf. Line up the center front and back seams and pin in place.

Locate the end point for the xip and mark using a tailor's tack or dressmaker's pen.

Step 8: Stitch the Center Back and Center Front

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Stitch from the top center back to the top center front.

When you reach the point that the zip starts, secure the stitches with back stitch then change the stitch length to the longest one you can. This is so that after the zip is inserted you can easily unpick to open it up.

Step 9: Insert Zip

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Pin the zip along the center front seam allowance. Stitch in place using a zip foot.

TIP: remember to adjust the stitch length to normal after having just increased it for the stitching the center front seam.

Step 10: Prepare the Cuffs

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Take the cuffing piees and stitch together the seam allowances to create tubes.

Step 11: Insert Cuffs

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Turn the cuffing over and ease around the corresponding sleeve and leg ends.

Pin, stitch and finish.

Step 12: Reveal Zip

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Open up the center front stitches to show the zip.

Step 13: Hood Darts

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Pin and stitch the hood darts together on the inner and outer hood pieces.

Step 14: Insert Ears

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On the outer hood align the parts relevant to your pattern, inbetween the two hood pieces. Pin and stitch in place.

Step 15: Hood Center Seams

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Pin and stitch together the center seams of the inner and outer hood pieces. Clip all seam intersections to allow the hood to lie as flat as possible.

Step 16: Finish the Hood

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Place the inner adn outer hood pieces right sides together and pin and stitch along the outer edge of the hood.

Turn right sides out and topstitch the outer edge flat.

Stitch a small segment (approx 2") between the earts along the seam or along the center line at the intersection of seams to keep in place.

Step 17: Insert the Hood

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Place the hood seam allowance onto the main garment neckline. Pin and stitch in place.

Step 18: Finish the Neckline

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Grade the three seam allowances. Finish the seam allowance (you will only really catch the inside hood seam allowance because of the grading).

Top stitch from the right side to secure the hood seam allowance.

The patterns used in this tutorial are the Bunny Playsuit, Kitten Playsuit and Lamb Playsuitpatterns. All are available to download and print immediately by visiting my shop and purchasing.


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