Combining Electricity and Fashion!

Degree of Difficulty: Still learning
Time length: 45 minutes

Materials: garment for sewing, conductive thread, scissors, two LEDS, CR2032 watch battery, BS7 battery holder, disappearing ink pen, needle-nose pliers, regular thread, wire cutters, and a sewing needle

Step 1: Trace the Pattern

Trace pattern onto your garment with your disappearing ink.
I am interested in where you get your conductive thread and how much it costs. BTW the recaptcha letters are almost indecypherable.
Diana , you are very good
vary innovative. this is going to be a fun project to try! Thanks.<br />
Diana, you were wonderful on Project Runway - one of my all-time favourites. I loved seeing your designs there and your projects here!
Hey, Diana Are you still working at Victoria Secret ?! I met you briefly from itp show a year ago. do you have a website to check out your recent work?!
Diana! I LOVED you from Project Runway. Thanks for the help :D
Where does one get conductive thread? Somehow I don't think its called that....or at least it doesn't show up on google...
Diana, you're my hero.

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