Step 3: Finishing with a knot!

I'm going to show three ways to knot. The way you knot might depend on what you're sewing, but most of the time it will be whatever is easiest for you.

Lots of pictures, I know, but the knots are color coded. :D

Purple thread - Knot #1 - This is used for doubled thread. Cut the thread right below the eye of the needle. You will now have two tails. Tie these tails in a standard knot. I normally do this a few times!

Pink thread - Knot #2 - This can be used for single or doubled thread. Hold the needle with one hand and the thread in the other. Loop the thread counterclockwise over the needle and pull it through. You'll now have the beginnings of a knot. Guide the loop down to the fabric and tighten - I normally use my finger to keep the knot in place while it tightens. Do this twice!

Green thread - Knot #3 - You'll need to make sure you have a stitch on the back or wrong side of the fabric that's close by. Take your needle and slip it under the stitch to form a loop. Guide your needle through the loop and tighten. I normally do this two or three times.

Can you tell I like knot security? ;)
mylk9 months ago

Thanks from a guy that took home-economics in the 70's. My brownies were not the best, but I learned to thread a sewing machine. Somehow the basics were skipped or rushed. @SolarSoda...Using the fingertip to cinch the knot is a practiced art. Intuitive and yet not! I learned from this tutorial to press lightly on the loop junction and pull steadily. And yes, double all the way! Single thread is for fine repair.

SolarSoda2 years ago
What drives me crazy is that I CANNOT get the knot up close to the fabric. No matter what I do. Any tips? And yes I've tried holding down the knot with my thumb/finger. It gets to a certain point and then it takes off in the opposite direction, slipping out from under my thumb/finger. It makes me want to do bad things with my needle. >:-(
jcbeaver73 years ago
im confused... Do you knot the end after you've sewed what you need to sew? I'm trying to make a dinosaur hoodie...
jessyratfink (author)  jcbeaver73 years ago
Yep, whenever your seam or whatever else is done, you knot it. :D
I stabbed myself with a needle, so i gave up on the dino hoodie thing... but thanks for the help!
cofosho6 years ago
Try a surgeon's knot to hold down the knot (like in the purple instance). It's like a standard square knot, except make two turns (or passes, if you will) instead of one and the friction will hold down the first tightening.