There is nothing, more stressful (at least for me) nor more dangerous than a dull kitchen knife.  The times that I have cut myself with a knife was when I had a dull knife in my hand and instead of cutting through the food, the knife would slide off, and got me!  Of all the nerve!  So in many ways, a sharp kitchen knife is a lot safer than a dull one.  You really don’t need NEW knives.  You need the ones you own to be sharpened.  So here we go on "How to Sharpen Your Straight Edge Kitchen Knives".

Step 1:

Your dull kitchen knives
Varying types of knife sharpeners (telling you what kind is what this Instructable is about)
Something to cut
<p> My only problem with this design is the fact that it doesn't sharpen the blade exactly. These will 'scrape' metal from the blade, making it ready to use equipment designed to actually sharpen the blade.</p>
I was told that very dull knives should be taken to a pro for sharpening. Once they have it up to spec, you can maintain your blade for a year or so (depending on use). So, my question is: should you hire a pro for dull knives or can you sharpen them at home?
If you have a local pro to sharpen your knives - by all means, do it! NO such luck in our small community. So just do my best with what I have. Thanks for commenting.
Thank you for the note. My late father did all of his own sharpening. But people with years of experience make things look easy. He always &quot;knew&quot; what angle he wanted and made everything look simple... Me, I'm terrible... I guest it comes back to practice practice practice.
Sorry, but as a professional edgesmith, this kind of thing infuriates me. NEVER use these kinds of drag-through &quot;sharpeners&quot;. the edge will ALWAYS be uneven, usually the knife will &quot;chatter&quot; across the surface of the tool, and you'll only end up ruining your knives in the long run. Either find a good old-fashioned whetstone and learn how to use it properly, or hire a professional. Your knives will thank you.
I have the same Harbor Freight sharpener pictured. It works great! The one with the red handle you sow in step 3 is my least favorite because its use goes against everything I've ever learned about knives. You're drawing it across the sharpener JUST above your hand. The one from HF is offset so there's no chance of cutting yourself. &quot;Safety by design&quot; is a principle I can get behind! <br> <br>Let's be careful out there! <br>

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