How to Sharpen a Knife





Introduction: How to Sharpen a Knife

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naturally, knives get dull from extensive use. commercial sharpeners can sometimes be pretty expensive. here's how to get a very cheap, if not free, and effective way to sharpen a knife.

Step 1: What You Will Need

a knife of course

a light filament-- you can get these at Lowes for a dollar or two. if you have street lights, then when they change them, you can go over and ask for an old one. they are just going to throw them out, so they will probably say yes.

Step 2: How to Sharpen

to sharpen your knife, take the filament and run it along the side of the blade. to this until it doesn't feel very gritty. some pressure should be applied.

Step 3: And Your DONE

your knife will literally feel as good as new and will cut like a razor blade!



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    6 Discussions

    Cool knife that looks like the buck 119

    wow! that's cool. i am going to try that.

    The bulb filaments you show and mention are not at all familiar to me. Could you give more information about the light for which they are used or a stock number? Thanks.

    3 replies

    i think it is a close up of the inside of a mercury-vapor street lamp. (or metal halide or high pressure sodium) it looks like a smaller bulb inside the casing bulb.

    i don't know exactly which kind of light it is from or a stock #, all that i know is that you can get them from street lights like in your neighborhood. they might have them in lowes. i hope this helps. thanks for your comment.

    street lamps are a form if HID (usually high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, or metal halide) non of these bulbs have filaments in them. only incadescent bulbs do.