This Instructable sounded more like a punch line to either of two bad jokes:

1. How do you know you’ve lived in a northern climate too long?
2. How do you know you’re cheap?

Regardless, over the years, I had grown rather fond of a particular window ice scraper, due to its design which included both a brush and a second handle to accommodate two-handed scraping (a must in the dead-of-winter Michigan mornings, due to the fact that my garage stores far too many tools and projects to ever consider using it for parking cars).  However, this November, I had noticed that the blade had become nicked and dull, rendering the tool rather ineffective in removing frost from my windshield. 

Step 1: Get to Work!

Realizing that there had to be a solution present somewhere in the aforementioned garage, I set off to sharpen my ice scraper blade using the following equipment:

• Sandpaper, assorted grit (I used 100, 150, and 240 grit);
• Sanding blocks (a hand sander and a piece of scrap wood); and
• A dull ice scraper.
Pro! Cool!
Sooo Simple,Duuuuuu. Why didn't i think of that!!!!!! Thanks..

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