How to Sheild a Guitar





Introduction: How to Sheild a Guitar

Sheilding a guitar is the best way to queit down some of the noise from single coil pickups. Sheilding means your kinda making a force feild around your guitars internal electronics. Coil pickups almost act as an antenna  and picks up other electonic interferance. So basically your grounding out bad scratchy noise. Im sure a expert could word it better but i thought this is a way everone would understand why you would do this to your guitar. This costs alot of money to have a guitar shop do it. And you can do it for under 3$. Just takes a bit of time and alot of patience.

Step 1:

All you nead is : tin foil, gluestick,scissors, razor blade, soldering iron, solderable lug,and a screw.

First step is take strings off and remove pickgaurd

As you can see the Boss does not like the way the factory did it so has to be done right.

Step 2:

Trace the cavity on the foil then cut it out. I find it easy to lay the foil on top of the guitar and rub the edges gently and it creates a little line that you can cut on. Try using the least possible pieces and ever piece should overlap to make a good connection.

Step 3:

After the main cavity is sheilded, i like to sheild the jack cavity also.
So then it should look similar to this or hopefully better.
Then get approval from Boss before ou move on.

Step 4:

I also like to sheild the back cavity and cover. Might be overkill, but i do it anyways.

Step 5:

Then sheild the back of your pickgaurd.
I find it easy to glue the foil over the entire pickgaurd and the cut out with a razor.
Im using aluminum Tape for the gaurd.
And again get the Boss's OK.

Step 6:

After the pickgaurd is put back together, solder the lug to one end of a wire and the other end to the back of the pot. I use 22 gauge stranded wire. Then screw the lug into the main part of the cavity. Always pre drill so you dont crack your strat.

Step 7:

Before i put everything back together i like to Ohm everthing out make sure there is good continuity.  I test many spots and if ther is a bad spot you can add foil as a jumper until everthing is good.
Finally after a few hours and a couple of redbulls your Sheilding job is done. slap everthing back together, restring, and rock on. And dont forget to thank the Boss for help.



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    I followed these instructions to shield my Telecaster Bass that had a very noisy hum that came from a Dimarzio ultra jazz pickup. Man what a difference! I would say 90% of the noise is gone. Thanks for the instructions, they were a big help!

    That's a nice cat. Is he stock?

    Big thanks to Boss

     so im doing it now as i aged all my guitar plastics but my pup covers and decided i would get to it now question the holes to jack and ground how would i do those just cover and then punch a hole for the jack and ground wires to go through

    Should I shield the sides of the cavities as well as the bottom?

    yes . and make sure your sheilding in the cavities has contact with the sheilding on the pickguard. use a multimeter make sure anywhere you touch it has continuity.

     Thank you for the help. I have begun this project myself and it should be done in about a day. 

     would aluminum shielding tape work or is foil and glue better also i like to look of no cover on the back but pulled the ground of with my belt buckle so i made a plexi glass cover for mine and the aluminum on the back cover would kinda kill the whole concept i can skip on that right?