Step 7:

Before i put everything back together i like to Ohm everthing out make sure there is good continuity.  I test many spots and if ther is a bad spot you can add foil as a jumper until everthing is good.
Finally after a few hours and a couple of redbulls your Sheilding job is done. slap everthing back together, restring, and rock on. And dont forget to thank the Boss for help.
<p>I followed these instructions to shield my Telecaster Bass that had a very noisy hum that came from a Dimarzio ultra jazz pickup. Man what a difference! I would say 90% of the noise is gone. Thanks for the instructions, they were a big help!</p>
That's a nice cat. Is he stock?<br>
Looks like a nice boss. Nice ible by the way.
Big thanks to Boss
&nbsp;so im doing it now as i aged all my guitar plastics but my pup covers and decided i would get to it now question the holes to jack and ground how would i do those just cover and then punch a hole for the jack and ground wires to go through
&nbsp;nvm got it&nbsp;
Should I shield the sides of the cavities as well as the bottom?
yes . and make sure your sheilding in the cavities has contact with the sheilding on the pickguard. use a multimeter make sure anywhere you touch it has continuity.
&nbsp;Thank you for the help. I have begun this project myself and it should be done in about a day.&nbsp;
&nbsp;would aluminum shielding tape work or is foil and glue better also i like to look of no cover on the back but pulled the ground of with my belt buckle so i made a plexi glass cover for mine and the aluminum on the back cover would kinda kill the whole concept i can skip on that right?
yes aluminum tape works really good, i use it on the back of the pick guard. but i like using foil in the cavities b/c its easier to get the bends in. and as far as the back plate i always do it b/c i like overkill but its not really needed. but if you have plexi cover i think it would look cool if the cavity was done.&nbsp;With the tape just make sure if you overlap peices it ohms out.&nbsp; if you dont have conductivity threwout the sheilding then it is pointless.&nbsp; Send me a Pic&nbsp; i like seeing other peeps sheilding jobs.
&nbsp;ok i will as soon as i get my new pickguard
&nbsp;so i just wanna know, when its all said and done, is it worth it? im about to do it but is there a noticeable enough difference for it to be worth the time?
any improvement is worth the time. why pay a luther a lot of money to do a crappy job. if you do it yourself you know how good the job is.&nbsp; i learn alot of songs off of youtube so im sitting in front of my pc with my guitar plugged in all the time. and everyone knows you get noise to your amp when sitting by a pc. more so if your playing with distortion.&nbsp; sheilding will not completely get rid of the noise but it will reduce it a heck of alot.&nbsp; but yes it was worth my time i hope it is also woth yours so if you do it let me know how it turned out. thanks
oooh my god! this is realy workssss<br /> maan you'r great<br /> and also i love your budy &quot;BOsS&quot; too, soooooooooooo cute and lovelly<br /> tanks alot lot and lot
&nbsp;nice job. I'm gonna have to try this. I get a lot of noise from my mega rig...<br /> <br /> Your cat was a very good helper!<br />
That's really tidy, nice job.<br /> <br /> L<br />
You have a helper!!<br /> <br /> And... how much improvement did you get??<br />
improvement from my helper or from the sheilding lol <br /> a HUGE differance i can sit close to the pc now or when my phone goes off i dont here it threw the amp and i can walk up to the amp without hearing a hole bunch of noise.&nbsp; I have 7 guitars and i did it to all of them should be done at factory.

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