Picture of How to Shoot Coins
In this Instructable I will teach you how to shoot coins from your hand.
I recommend this to anyone, and everyone!
Only people that can snap their fingers can do this.
Warning: Do not shoot at anybody. Trust me, I know, it hurts. I will not be responsible for your actions.
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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.

*Your hand. (Your right hand. I don't know if left handers are able to do this. I don't know, why don't you lefties try it?)

*A whole lot of coins. I only use pennies, even though dimes are better. The smaller the coin the better. But I don't use the dimes, because they're very easy to lose, and it's a waste of money!

*An open space. A large room with no breaky objects.

You're ready to go!

Step 2: You. & Coin.

Picture of You. & Coin.
Take a coin. (Here I use a penny)

Step 3: Place the coin

Picture of Place the coin
Place the coin on your middle finger, where I have the red line. Which is almost in the center of my finger.

Step 4: Where to put your thumb

Picture of Where to put your thumb
Now place your thumb on the coin as shown. See how you can still see my middle finger showing underneath the coin? That's how it has to be.

Step 5: Position your arm

Picture of Position your arm
Hold the coin the way I showed in step 3 and 4, and hold your arm up like I am in these pictures'.

Step 6: Shoot the coin!

Picture of Shoot the coin!

As I said in the intro, you can't do this unless you can snap your fingers.
Now keep your arm in the position from step 5, and snap your finger with the coin. The coin should shoot across the room. Most times you can hear it whizzing.
Also, look at the three pictures in this step to get a better idea on how to shoot the coin.
Don't get frustrated if you fail, try again, following the steps closely. After a while, you'll get it!
Remember, do not have Coin Shooting Wars. It's a bad idea.

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bobbytricle3 years ago
every time i try it it just goes up and falls back down any suggestions??