Step 6: Shoot the Coin!

As I said in the intro, you can't do this unless you can snap your fingers.
Now keep your arm in the position from step 5, and snap your finger with the coin. The coin should shoot across the room. Most times you can hear it whizzing.
Also, look at the three pictures in this step to get a better idea on how to shoot the coin.
Don't get frustrated if you fail, try again, following the steps closely. After a while, you'll get it!
Remember, do not have Coin Shooting Wars. It's a bad idea.

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<p>1. You can do it with your left hand; it just takes practice. 2. Putting your ring finger on your middle finger gives it more power. 3. Have you read Mistborn? Because this is something that pretty much comes straight out of it. 4. Are you related to Parker Jensen?</p>
Okay i found that its the same as snaping just with a coin between your middle finger on and your thumb so if you go to snap just slip a coin in between your snaping fingers and snap. Hint hold your wrist in different positions to get it to fly different. WARNING may back fire and hurt also watch for pets and kids
FIRST TRY: oww ow owwwwwww owwwwch<br>SECOND TRY: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwoww man that hurt maybe next time ill get it!<br>THIRD TIME: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aowwwwwwwwie nope not gonna work :(
<p>But for real it just takes practice, keep trying and you will get it eventually! I <em>Promise</em>!</p>
<p>Lol! Same for me, hahaha!</p>
Sorry! It DOES take some time to get it! I tried it for about a week, and when I was shown a year later, I picked it up instantly! It's worth it to know how to shoot coins! Like instead of tossing coins into fountains in touristy destinations, you can just shoot it from up to 20ft away! But &quot;practice makes perfect&quot;! :)
<p>Same. Couldn't do it at first, then 1 year later I was shooting like a pro. :D</p>
Thanks for the ible! My cousin tried to teach me a few years back, but he's left handed (it's possible!) and I'm ambidextrous, but it was hard to wrap my mind around it. Then I came across your ible and was so happy. And now I can do it with both hands! #ftw
every time i try it it just goes up and falls back down any suggestions??
How do you mean, it goes up and falls back down? Hold your arm up so your elbow is pointing straight in front of you, and your hand is right next to your ear. Hold the coin as shown and snap your finger. It's also fun to hold your hand down at your side to shoot people behind you :P
so in other words, I should get a staate wide coin war :D nah, jk. Great 'ible tnx for makin it!
Haha that would be pretty epic! Thanks for looking! :)
no problem
hey great instructable could you post a vid
Hey, wow, been so long since I've been on here, sorry for the year-late reply. I will try to get a video up soon! :)

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