How to Shoot Night Scene Portrait Outside


Introduction: How to Shoot Night Scene Portrait Outside

On a warm summer evening two years ago, my friends and I organized a night scene portrait shooting in Solana. In shooting, the application of Flash is many photographers’ highlights. In this article I will comb the photographing process that night, which I hope will be helpful to the beginners.

Blue Harbor is very beautiful, especially at night, during which different photo effects can be got, therefore many people would like a photo shoot special effects can take a usual ), many fans like portrait creation at night, and of course we are no exception.


The main feature of this shoot is to use leading flash. Some people may have not tried this method, no problem; you can take a look at some related knowledge.
The condition for leading flash is to install flash trigger for Flash and camera. At that time we used Yong nuo 603 wireless flash trigger and Canon 580EXII Flash, I'll take this as an example to explain.

First of all you should know the formula: flashing index = aperture * range. Flashing index refers to the strength of flash from a flashing light, which can be controlled through output. Aperture refers to the aperture while shooting. Range refers to the distance between the lit and the Flash.

The guide number of our on-site environmental test Canon 580EXII Flash, with ISO=100, and Flash coverage=50mm, is approximately 32, which can be changed by adjusting the output power when set the Flash to manual mode. The following is the relationship between power output and guide number.

When sensitivity is lifted, the corresponding indices will increase. For example, when ISO is 200, the output power is 1/1, and the guide number is 45; when power output is 1/2, transmission and guide number is 32. That is to say, the higher ISO is, the higher the output power of the Flash when the output power is lower.

Equipment preparation

As a lot of us have gone there, we bring much equipment; the master device is a tripod, 3 580EXII Flash, 2 pairs of 603c wireless flash, 5D2 camera, 70-200mm lens.

Natural light shooting

In case of not using Flash, we need to find where there is a light source, such as the places under the streetlights or the shop windows, to illuminate model's face.

Set a higher ISO in shooting, such as 1600; adjust the aperture to the maximum, to obtain a faster shutter speed. When the shutter speed is not accessible, a tripod must be used.



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