How to Shoot Night Scene Portrait Outside(2)




Introduction: How to Shoot Night Scene Portrait Outside(2)

In addition, we use natural light for photography, shooting special effects can be got by adjust the white balance of the camera.

Single light shooting

Flash allows us to shoot every beautiful night scenes, for if there is no natural light, we can use flash to fill light.
Single light shooting methods are as follows:

Set the camera's exposure mode to M, metering mode to spot metering.

The next is to set the Flash. Ensure that the Flash is above the model's front side, estimating the distance to set the output power of flash according to the aperture value and sensitivity set by camera’s metering. For example, if ISO is 400, Aperture is F4, the distance between the flash and the model is 3 meters, then the Flash output can be set to 1/16. Calculated as follows: Guide number = aperture x distance, which is 12.when ISO is 400, power output is set to 1/16; the index could reach 16, for a little overexposure doesn't matter when shooting models.

Multiple light shooting

After having mastered the skills of single light shooting, we can explore multiple light shooting. Here we look at shooting with three lights: a main light, and two border lights. Contour light can isolate people from the background, increasing the stereoscopic effects.

First determine the location of all three lights, the main lamp is in front of the model, two border lights are respectively above the model’s left right.

Next is to set the shooting parameters of the camera and power output of the lamps. The setting methods are basically the same as shooting with single lamp.

Special effect shooting

When shooting portraits using the Flash, some tips can also be used, such as zoom, sweeping shots, to create a beautiful background to change effects. Normally Photo Editor needs to use to produce results, while those tips can also produce the same effects.

Using the Flash to shooting at night can not only reserve the levels of night views well, but give full exposure, which is a very practical method of shooting.



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