In basketball, when a player gets fouled, they have a chance to step up and shoot free throws. A free throw is a shot that is taken from a marked line 15 feet away from the basket. The shot is taken without anyone guarding the shooter, and a made free throw is worth one point each.

It is commonplace nowadays for basketball players to shoot their free throws the same way they would shoot a regular jump shot. However, since no player is guarding you while you are shooting, this is not the best geometric way.

The best way to shoot the shot is actually underhand. Underhand means that the shooter holds the ball below their waste and moves their arms upward to shoot. It is also sometimes known as a “granny style” shot. It was made famous by NBA hall of famer Rick Barry, who used the style to become the third best free throw shooter in NBA history. The underhand free throw is the best style because it gives the ball the right spin and trajectory.

I have personally seen the success that this style of shooting can have. On my high school basketball team, I struggled to consistently make my free throws. Then, I decided to switch from shooting free throws like my normal jump shot to shooting them underhand. After some practice, I was able to make about 85% of my in game free throws, leading my team in this percentage.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to shoot a free throw underhand to improve your free throw shooting ability. This tutorial works best for those who have some basic knowledge of basketball. If you follow these simple steps, you should be a regular Rick Barry in no time!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To be able to master the underhand free throw, there are only a few materials necessary.

  1. Basketball - This is what you will be shooting.
  2. Basketball Hoop - This is the goal you are shooting the basketball towards.
  3. Basketball Court- It is best to practice on an indoor court because the dimensions and court lines are correct.
  4. Time and Patience - This is not an easy shot to learn and it will require a lot of practice to master. Also, it will be uncomfortable at first so it is important you remain patient and know that with more practice you will improve.
I think it is great that someone this day and age is more concerned with improvement over style. If Shaquille O'neal would have thought this way, he could have been the greatest player that ever lived instead of just one of the greats. <br><br>Props to you kid.

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