Introduction: How to Shuck Garlic

     This is by far the fastest way to shuck a lot of garlic, just throw a handful in a metal bowl, put another metal bowl on top and shake vigorously. If you shake hard for a good 15 seconds all the skins should come off. in the video i shook for much shorter than that and about half the skins came off but the rest were very easy to pull off by hand.  


CementTruck (author)2013-11-01

I've tried this in the past and I must be doing something wrong because I still have to peel most of them by hand.

patdoherty (author)CementTruck2013-11-01

Im not sure what you tried but I have found that metal bowls work best and shaking fast is key. I learned this from my brother who is the head chef at a brewpub in chicago and he does this all the time. when I have seen him do it he seems to get all the skins off, when I do it I can get a little more than half off, then the rest come off pretty easily by hand.

CementTruck (author)patdoherty2013-11-01

I've seen Chefs do it too and even see it done on TV. Maybe Tupperware isn't the best thing to do it in. The less flexible nature of steel bowls is probably key.

simplebotics (author)2013-10-29

A pan with short handles and lid is easier.

patdoherty (author)simplebotics2013-11-01

Yeah, that works well, these are just the bowls I had around, I have found that as long as it is metal and you are able to shake it fast enough, it works well.

JaapGoddijn (author)2013-10-30


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