Introduction: How to Single Crochet - Beginner Crochet Tutorial

If you’re fairly new to crocheting, or thinking about starting…the single crochet stitch is a great first stitch to learn! You’ll love how super easy & fun this is and once you get the hang of it, you will be able to start making actual items! Bath & facial cloths can be made using the single crochet stitch, as well as kitchen cloths, cozies and so much more! You can watch the video above or just follow the photo tutorial…or both!

Step 1: Insert Your Hook Into the Opening Under the Chain, and Push the Hook Through.

Step 2: Yarn Over

Step 3: Pull Your Yarn Over Back Through the Opening Under the Chain.

Step 4: You Will Have Two Loops on Your Crochet Hook

Step 5: Yarn Over Again

Step 6: Pull Yarn Over Back Through Both Loops

Step 7: Congrats! You Just Finished Your First Single Crochet!

That’s all there is to it! :D I hope you enjoyed learning this fun little stitch!


pastperfect (author)2016-08-05

are there any instructions on how to start it from the absolute beginning? I don't know even the basics and am interested in learning. So I need it to start from just having a ball of wool and the needle and how to make a chain (I think that is what it is called) Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

rainae2003 (author)pastperfect2016-10-24

IT's really easy just go and look up how to do a crochet chain and then wallah

CynthiaT1 (author)2015-05-14

cool! Can u do this technique to make a beanie??? (also how to increase?)

CreatiKnit (author)CynthiaT12015-05-14

Cynthia, you can definitely use this single crochet stitch to make a beanie! :) You can also do single crochet increases by single crocheting 2 times into 1 stitch.

jmdushi (author)2015-05-12

Thank you for the photo tutorial. There are still people with slow internet and I'm one of them :)

CreatiKnit (author)jmdushi2015-05-12

Glad the photo tutorial was helpful for you jmdushi! :)

amberrayh (author)2015-05-12

This is great! Very simple. Thanks for sharing!

CreatiKnit (author)amberrayh2015-05-12

Thanks so much! Happy you liked it! :)

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