Step 2: Staging (set Up Your System)

- Fill a medium to large-sized pot with water, cover, and crank the heat so it comes to a boil quickly and efficiently.

While you're waiting for the water to boil:
- Fill a medium to large-sized bowl half-full with ice, then cover with water.  Place it near the stove, but not so close it heats up from the boiling water.
- Wash your tomatoes, and remove stems.
- Make a small X in the skin at the flower end (opposite the stem) and place near the stove. (see photo for detail)

Check out my staging choices in the picture below, then modify as needed to suit your situation.
<p>I just peel them with a peeler. </p>
Oily Skin Treatment
Nice ! <br>But really you don't have to go through all this pain to peel tomatoes. <br>Just dip them in boiling water holding each one with a fork. Let them sit there a few seconds to a minute and a half depending on the variety and ripeness of the fruit. Then retrieve each with the fork and put it on a clean towel &acirc;€&brvbar;&Acirc;&nbsp;and that's it ! &acirc;€&brvbar; <br>The 4 holes made by the fork will be a starter to peel them as well as the nice cross. By the time they're all on the towel they'll be cold enough to be handled. <br>I've been doing tomato salads this way since 1970, and about 4 to 7 times a week !&acirc;€&brvbar; <br>But then again, I really don't see any flaw in this Instructable : &quot;crossed&quot; tomatoes, iced water &acirc;€&brvbar; Very professional !&acirc;€&brvbar; <br> <br>Now what you can to after that, which can be seen as a complementary refinement to tomato peeling for a salad is to take off the seeds. Do this over a bowl after cutting the tomato in four or five big chunks (depending on how many hollows the fruit has. This will enable you to drain the juice : you will use it for the seasoning of the salad. Oil as usual, vinegar but not as much as a regular oil and vinegar seasoning as it will be complemented by the juice from tomatoes : this will make a very sweet oil and vinegar seasoning. If you feel this lacks of acidity add a lemon squeeze &acirc;€&brvbar;&Acirc;&nbsp; <br> <br>Enjoy !&acirc;€&brvbar; <br> <br>
Great instructable! I've never tried Wild Boar seeds, I'll give them a go next year. Also, love the pictures of your son helping out. I can't wait for mine to be old enough to cook alongside :)
It's amazing how well this technique works! This is my first year processing tomatoes and the boiling water/ice water works like a charm.
These tomatoes look so good. Can't wait until mine are ready to try this. Thanks for sharing. <br />Sunshiine

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