Picture of How to Skin and Clean a Dead Snake
So you've got a dead snake- now what?

Learn a useful skill, and leverage roadkill for fun and profit.

A companion to How to Cook a Snake.

Step 1: Acquire Snake

Picture of Acquire Snake
This is probably going to be the hard part.

Snakes do a fine job keeping the world free of unnecessary rodents; don't kill them unless absolutely necessary! That said, if you do kill a snake, or find one dead, don't let it go to waste.

The snake in this Instructable was run over by a car; Eric found it a couple minutes later, its heart still beating, in the process of expiring by the side of the road. Since we knew both time and cause1 of death, and refrigerated the carcass promptly, it was safe to eat. If you just want the skin, the time and mechanism of death isn't as relevant. Just be sensible, and make sure to clean yourself (and the snake parts) up properly.

A bit of internet research identified it as a probable Black Rat Snake, a non-poisonous Indiana resident.

1 Note that snakes can also die from eating poisoned rodents. You dont want to eat a snake dosed up with warfarin or other toxin2. Pay attention to context.

2 It's apparently fine to cook and eat poisonous snakes- cooking is sufficient to inactivate any venomous residue.
We are BBQ-ing it!
how would you BBQ it? We'd like to BBQ our Copperhead
PrayingMantisEmilyGrace made it!1 month ago
So creepy! it still moves after being gutted!
piper12347 years ago
for God sake why r u killing snakes? they are useful to avoid all the cripple animals and plagues invade your homes :S besides all the living be deserve to live :S , if you find one dead is another story
Firstly you obviously haven't read it being as it is written multiple times that the author found the critter as roadkill. secondly where's this unwritten law of nature that everything thats alive *deserves* it in some way, sad to say some stuffs just gotta die if you wanna keep living.
You can say that again!!!!!!!!!! There on this earth for a reason.
your named after a berserker in the sea of trolls?
Ya I like Nancy Farmer books.
She didn't kill it, she found it dead, as stated in the intro.
Why does it have to be a snake!nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zman12046 months ago
I am a 16 year old guy so this instructable is so thing awesome use of my time my friends call me when they run over snakes and other things I have gotten skilled enough to make a snake skin hat ( not completely snake skin) I only will do this to ones that have died of natural causes you can find them in the woods

The most discussing instructables ever seen, sorry

MoonR1 year ago

When I was a kid in the 1970s I lived in Taiwan and my parents and I would go to Taipei's famous "Night Market" on the weekends. In those days the mountains around Taipei were crawling with countless venomous snakes. Local legend has it that highly venomous snakes were released from a Japanese wartime experiment that had gone awry. Whatever the reason there were a lot of poisonous snakes and for a long time no one knew what to do with them.

The Night Market has different alleys, each with its own personality. "Snake Alley" is a narrow street full of food stalls selling dishes with snake (obviously) as the main ingredient. About midway down the alley there was a vendor who made a particularly excellent snake soup simmered with various Chinese medicinal herbs. The soup was said to detoxify your body and promote beautiful skin and overall good health. The reason for this claim was that poisonous snakes contain anti-venoms that can neutralize toxins and prevent the snake from poisoning itself. Those anti-venoms exist throughout the snake's body and are supposedly powerful detoxifiers that can remove all kinds of toxins from the human body. A man would bring out big venomous snakes caught in the mountains, kill them, and hang them by the head from a contraption that looked like an IV pole. With the dead snake hanging the man would slice it open from top to bottom with a quick slash, rip off the skin, then yank out the entrails (this is easier to do from an IV pole). Then he'd hand the snake to someone in the back who would quickly prepare your soup. All I remember was that the soup with the medicinal herbs was so good my 5 year-old self craved it every weekend! Although I haven't been back to Taiwan in over 30 years I still think about it once in a blue moon. Years later friends and family would visit us in the U.S. and bring snake soup in cans. I still remember that as a teenager my face always cleared up after I eat the soup (pimples and cysts both disappeared). I will be headed to Taiwan next year and plan to spend a few solid evenings indulging in Snake Alley!

m4iler1 year ago

How do you eat it? I suppose the spine and ribs are still inside the little bastard. I have a 27 years old boa constrictor (he was a bad hatchling, the keeper said it would live 10 years, tops). It's older than me and is 2.5 meters long. When he dies, I'll try to make the best of my life-long pet. Awesome tutorial!

my ball phyton died . i did all these steps not perfect lol but yea anybody wants to buy my snake skin . it was about 5ft tall i live on nyc .

knifeking1 year ago

if the snake is dead hrs than it will stink real bad..........you have to deal with it :)

Morte_Moya1 year ago

That is one very nice instructable! I love eating snake. Rattlesnake is by far my favorite! Great job.

This is great! Thanks for showing us all! This instructable has received a lot of attention.
Jakejb31 year ago
Looks like u cut yourself try to cut the snake
studleylee2 years ago
Very cool! I think this will work on Politicians too. Just have to drain the extra grease.....
O_o This just makes me cringe...I have two pythons. Why I clicked on this, I don't know. Curiosity I suppose. However, very informative instructable that I think a lot of people could find useful :)

Just not me :P
I don't have any snakes as pets, but I agree that it is very informative. 5/5
Can you keep the skin from rotting just by tacking it to a board or something and letting it air out or do you need to add something to help preserve it?
canida (author)  DuctTapeExtremeDude2 years ago
It depends on where you live, and how well you've cleaned the skin.

If humidity is super-high, you'll likely want to rub the skin down with borax or salt to keep anything from growing on the skin while it dries, and tack it down to something like a screen for better breathability. If you live in a desert, far less to worry about - you can just tack it out almost anywhere and it will dry nicely.

Just be aware that the skin will be crispy, not pliable - you've got to do a bit of treatment to make it soft.
Thanks! I've heard that if you put a skin over something and pull it back and forth so that it bends it will make it pliable. Would that work on a snake skin?
ill soon post a detailed segment on snake tanning soon you can make cool junk like me

Looks cool! I'll look forward to seeing how to do it myself. Thanks!
mattiemack2 years ago
http://www.instructables.com/id/Snake-Hide-accesories/ did somebody say snake hide? haha also heres what i do with the bones http://www.instructables.com/id/Snake-Bone-jewelry/
Shouldn't you be wearing gloves?
Profit? Gow
mcmonte2 years ago
It's the cloaca or cloacal opening.
lbrewer422 years ago
I once made a hatband from a copperhead that was stepped on by one of the bulls in the corral.
Schmidty163 years ago
you could cut off the head and take everything out and then put wash out the hide and put it inside out and use it to carry water
bpfh5 years ago
My SAS Survival Book says:
"Discard internal organs, which may carry salmonella.
Reptiles can be cooked in their skins. Large snakes can be chopped into steaks and provide useful skins. To prepare a snake, cut off head well down, behind poison sacs; open vent to neck keeping blade outwards, to avoid piercing innards, which will fall clear. Skewer to suspend and ease of skin towards tail."

The final phrase (yes, "of", not "off" - a typo probably) reminds me of skinning fish: Skewer through head or back, and peel the skin off... Otherwise, if the snake is roasted, the skin should peel off easier. Anyone for a BBQ?
HollyMann bpfh3 years ago
I love my SAS survival guide. I am hoping I don't ever need to do this - eat a snake that is - but if so, I will have some knowledge...thanks! You are brave Canida!
x3n0c1dal3 years ago
Anal vent is an incorrect term, as far as I am aware. I believe it's just anus.
memememefor3 years ago
always clean your dead snake
memememefor3 years ago
Ghattasdb3 years ago
Put it on a strip of leather and make a bracelet.
Awesome! Usefull knowledge!

I'm gonna have to try with my new tool.

macmundi4 years ago
There are lots of dead dogs on the streets here in Thailand. Maybe the people here got tired of their pets and run them over.
oriole macmundi4 years ago
Take them to Indonesia. They'll barbecue it for you
they DO NOT eat dog in Indonesia.

They are an Islamic country and moslems do not touch dogs. If a dog licks them they must undergo a purifacation at the local mosque.

Your racist ignorance is dispicable.
Oh, says who? Indonesia is not a Muslim country, it's a country with a Muslim-majority population. Those who aren't Muslim can touch dogs all they want. I'm Indonesian, and I'm not Muslim. I even own two dogs.

That being said, sure Indonesians do eat dogs. Not ALL of them do, as it's not a common delicacy, but there are some people who do. I've known some places where they go and cook dogs (sometimes even cats too).

I've known americans to eat dogs as well. All though usaully in roadkill scenario
Where do u live? I'll make sure not to visit.
True that...
I was replying in a generalist manner in which the comment made (to which I was replying) was made in a generalistic manner.

The original comments was suggesting that as a general rule ALL indonesians eat dogs.

Just so you know you may well be Orang Indonesian tetapi saya tingal di Indonesia juga.

I also have eaten dog, and other 'bizarre' foods.

Oriole was being not so subtle in his/her racism and I do not tolerate rascim .


oriole oriole4 years ago

I spent 4 months there around the time this first comment was written. I traveled from Jakarta to Manado. I saw dog barbques in all the places I went. I did not say all Indonesians eat dogs. I wouldn t say all all americans eat cows., but you can sure say that we have many places to barbecue a steak. So take your cows to america they will barbecue it. I am not racist I have been there. Have you spanner?
jomishx oriole3 years ago
I wish i had not looked at that picture now. Americans obviously do not see dogs as food, but we cannot blame others for eating what is available. Still gotta feel bad for them :(
man and dog.JPG
thailand dude, they do it there too
mmanjunath3 years ago



Stop sharing useless information
Thank you for that piece of probably unusefull information...
That's nice and thanks for yelling at us.
New Zealand has no snakes but plenty of unnecessary rodents, all introduced. Although I'm glad I won't have the opportunity to try out this instructable, it is very cool.
Pwag mmanjunath3 years ago
Towards animals but not towards each other.
curvy773 years ago
sooo how is it possible to make a profit from this? o and AWSOME! DEAD SNAKE!!
xarlock6674 years ago
Snake "Poison" is not a real poison, it is a venom, and thus a biotoxin. In English, this means you typically have to inject it to suffer lethal effects. Not to say it won't give you a hell of a stomach ache. You can avoid salmonella, and almost any biotoxin by thorough cooking. Snake is damn good slathered with BBQ sauce, or cooked like Fajitas.

Before I get trolled, let me clarify:
Real poisons are poisonous regardless of what you do to them. EX Cyanide, Arsenic, Strychnine. Biotoxins are usually heat sensitive, and are made of proteins. They can be broken down are rendered ineffective. EX Venom, Salmonella, and Botulin.
it's also important to note that the venom isnt in most of the snake, only the head where the poison gland actually is. seeing as you dont eat that part, it's completely safe, even uncooked (venom-wise, i dont recommend it due to other diseases/toxins)
to be specific the venom is ONLY in the sac where the venom is stored. The rest of the snake is exactly like any other animal in terms of what you can and can not eat.
Just like to add that diamondback rattlesnake is one of the more tasty things I've had. (Fried, of course.) It's served fairly often in the Southwest United States. Diamondback venom is one of the more lethal in the US- I'd recommend getting someone else to catch your snake for ya. ;-)
i did not know that lol
ilpug bdblock944 years ago
Just to verify against trolls, xarlock's info is totally correct.
Great info dude! Thanks. Never really thought about it like that.
bowow08074 years ago
my dad taught me how to clean and pluck game birds its harder than you thing unlike goose, chicken, turkey, or duck the one he gave me were tiny as in the could just sin in the palm of your hand and i gave me experience and it is much easier to clean bigger birds
same i havnt done it for awhile and i got spoiled off of bigger birds and i recently did it and it was super hard
k.bipin4 years ago
AWESOME.. pictures dude......and even a great info on snakes.. i didn't know that. we can completely utilize a DEAD SNAKE..... keep posting new things.......

dent2444 years ago
i beleive u can tell its gender by squeezing the sides if i remember correctally
by very gently placing a thumb above and below the ventrical and rolling them towards each other, you can usually push the hemipenes out, and if it doesnt have hemipenes, its female : D
Plo Koon4 years ago
Is it really worth all the trouble. RSVP
in my state its ileagal to kill or own a dead snake or its skin
I grew up in Mo. Very wasteful laws. I don't believe Mo. legislators understand ecological processes... Bureaucrats, humph!
Missouri? i've never heard that law. i've been pulled over, and the cops dont say anything about my snakeskin wallet. apparently they've never heard this law either!
Which state it that? That's a curious thing.
 That's up there with some of the most pointless and stupid laws that I've heard...haha
dogisdead6 years ago
This looks delicious XD What about the bones, though? :0
looks like chicken XD mmmmm chicken
they make for a crunchy surprise :D
sonnimo1237 years ago
Did u kill that snake?? thats plain mean and really grosS!!!
If you had read the opening paragraphs, which you apparently did not, you would have known that this specimen was ran over by a car, which the author and his friend found and then prepped.
Maybe he ran it over him self...
god put animals on this earth to eat if you have ever been to a slauter house it's 20x worse
graywoulf4 years ago
Yes rattlesnake is very tasty! The last time I ate any of it, the meat was marinated in Italian dressing and grilled like pork chops would be grilled. YUM!

And as far as a snake's gender is concerned, I was taught that the females have a long taper to their tails while the male snake's tail is somewhat blunt.

Or you could just ask them...LOL!
pudicobar6 years ago
Gosh... I'd only eat this guy in a survival situation.. Buuut. The skin is awesome. I thing you could brain tan it hide. Check www.primitiveways.com there some tutorials on this there. It would make a nice wallet. I'M NOT SUGGESTING ANYTHING, but those diamondback rattles look great... ;-)
give a snake to a mexican, and he'll make boots, belts, and all that stuff.

jajajaj (spanish for hahahah)
A lil bit racist anyone? Damn! I am from Texas, and I wear more rattler than any mexican I have seen. They tend toward leather, and ostrich skin. Keep your racist comments to yourself.
I don't know, I live in Texas too and I've seen some scaly fence jumpers(the boots, not the people).
Thankx for the link. Always looking for more info like this.
canida (author)  pudicobar5 years ago
Unfortunately my mom threw the skin out after a power outage defrosted the freezer!  I'll have to find another snake.
Darthscout4 years ago
I like kon the newspaper it says Daily Double. Jeopardy!
skyhawk1754 years ago
I made snake jerky once, I used the same marinade but instead of useing my dehydrator i slow smoked it the same way jerky was first done way back when. It was pretty good.
kibukun4 years ago
Make it into a wallet, that way every one can see how awesome you are everytime you buy something!
miniclipper4 years ago
I was gonna say if you killed it I would hate you I can't kill any animal except to put it out of its pain if it was dieing. Anyways that was kinda weird how you found it with its heat still beating it was awesome. My little cousin Siobhan was on the road in Arlington and hit a deer "i wasn't dead yet when a police man came up and shot then it twitched and died" she told me it was kinda weird but funny 'cause she was laughing when she told me that story.
wait... she wasnt dead yet? might want to reread that :P
An extra thing to keep in mind is that when dealing with poison snakes (even when dead) take extra care to keep the head secure until removed.

Reflexive actions (like biting) can occur even after the snake is dead. Getting bitten by a dead snake is not any more fun than getting bitten by a live one.
Yep. where i live in california, there are tons of bull Timber Rattlesnakes. they just keep biting, rattling, and writhing even after you have shot a couple holes in them. They get huge around my area. my friend saw an eight footer.
its illegal to kill or even posses a native dead snake in New York
harsh. what if it bites you and you beat it to death in a panic?
is it weird to wonder if you can make jerky with snake? cause that would be awesome! Snake-Jerky!
try it. if you make turkey pork and venison jerky i bet u can. get the basic concept and then apply it to the snake
xXLab_ManXx4 years ago
Owenmon4 years ago
they had those kind of snakes at scout camp! one of the counselors at ecology didn't like snakes and every time he picked up one snake it would constrict around his neck.
i believe the proper term is bunghole! lol kidding!
Screamo4 years ago
One time i chased a snake with a stick. then i smashed its head with the stick. then we skinned it and tanned it :)
As opposed to skinning and cleaning a LIVE snake???
octo1375 years ago
that makes me hungry. probably not as good as scorpion though.
mmmm, sounds good but ive never had it! can u make an instructable on how to make it?
sarge695 years ago
Let it soak in antifreeze for about a week and make it into boots or a cell phone pouch.
i've never heard of that does it work good?
sculptur5 years ago
to dry a snake skin out i usually use the laundry detergent "borax"
O yeah almost forgot is garden snake good to eat
So i killed a few snakes cuz they attacked me if i skined them how would i tan the skin so i can use it
eyepodd5 years ago
before you let the skin shrink you could clean it and wrap it around a knife handle, and let it shrink you could probubly sew it togeather and let it shrink and dry out there. im not shure how good of a grip it would give you but it would look cool. 
You should wrap the sheath with the skin
ph1lt3ch5 years ago
 I just shot a 6 foot long chicken snake, only because i had to it was in the chickens. And well....when I proposed to my Nana that we clean it and cook it...She freaked haha, my Papa was all for it but she wouldn't let us haha. So next time I won't ask :P
hyper7 years ago
what do i do if i want to keep the skin out and so i can show it to people, do i let it dry out( i dont want to keep it in the freezer ) please help :D Also this is a great instructable :]
Wario hyper7 years ago
put about a half a inch of salt on it and let it set for a day. then scrape off and repeat until dry.
Also make sure that you strech the skin out with tacks or it will shrink on you
Wolframite5 years ago
 Rattlesnakes are only spicy if you put spice on them. Other than that they are pretty much like any other reptile, which is to say they have something of the consistency of fish, but are a little more fatty. All in all they are pretty tasty.
Gage9875 years ago
snake and squirrel are supposedly good are they really if anyone knows?
canida (author)  Gage9875 years ago
Squirrel is good - tastes like guinea pig.
wtf ewwwwwwwww DAMN!!!!!! bout to eat some.
why would anyone eat a snake? thats nasty
i have had snake it's delicious bur it's not as good as turtle
 Snake and Turtle, how do they compare to Dolphin and Whale?
Ironically, snake tastes like chicken >_>
hmmmm..... what would a "chicken snake" taste like? ;)
it would taste like a "Snake Chicken"
well mabye its because snakes eats chicken and there eggsso much
No it isn't. You just ain't from texas
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Sorry. I believe I am unaware of what a "texssss" is. Could you please clarify what a "texssss" is and why you "haate" it?
Sorry, I was kind of high... I meant to say "I hate Texas"
Well then. Don't get high. It is bad for your health. Don't hate Texas. It, too, is bad for your well being.
I don't respond to weed very well... so I think I'm not going to do it again for a few years. But sorry man, Texas sucks. Give me one reason to like Texas. And here is one reason to like California: Weirdness.
I like California. And I like Texas. I have a few reasons for liking Texas; My relatives live there It is humid and rainy It is cheaper than SoCal During the winter frogs live in the pools and the pools turn green And it is good you don't respond well to weed, it is a toxin and toxins are bad.
"During the winter frogs live in the pools and the pools turn green" why would this be a good thing lol
but dont we need to go green?
Well, you get free food for one thing. And you get a few free pets that you can sell in back alleys, but yeah, it probably isn't too much of a good thing.
ok lol
Care to cite a refutable source for your medical opinions, doc?
Well, other than it is a hallucinogens, something that causes hallucinations, which are often caused when the nervous system backfires, not really.
I am sorry, it is a psychoactive drug affecting the central nervous system, where it alters brain function, resulting in temporary changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior.
static Whaleman6 years ago
Kinda like booze, eh? :)
Marijuana is NOT a hallucinogen, it is a completely different class of drug all together. I have personally ingested large doses of marijuana via nearly every method of ingestion in common practice, and have never once experienced a visual or audio hallucination, or any other sort for that matter. This is the kind of glaring error that tends to sully anything you say after this on the subject, and is exactly what one tries to avoid through backing up one's assertions with some sort of source. I'm not saying any of this to be mean, I'm sure that you're an intelligent person in no way deserving of ridicule or derision on the sole basis of your flawed methodology. Please just try harder in the future to adequately research something before tossing out declarative statements, especially ones of righteous condemnation.
Wait.... If you are hallucinating, how can you know you are hallucinating? It can look, sound, feel, smell, and maybe even taste like it is there, though it is not.
That is a good point, you've got me there on Theory of Knowledge grounds I guess. However, how do you know that you're not hallucinating this WHOLE CONVERSATION? Follow the white rabbit.
I am not hallucinating this whole conversation because I can return to the exact same thing multiple times. I have hallucinated on this site before, but I could not return to the page I had hallucinated.
well... saint, you are not right in the fact that marijuana is not a hallucinogen... Myk is right in the fact that THC is a psychoactive drug and it does alter signals to and from the brain that can cause lack of motor function, delusion, consciousness, short term and long term memory loss, and a few other things. This also doesn't mention the 50-60 other chemicals in marijuana that cause psychoactive disturbances. The severity of effects vary with each individual person as does anything, but that doesn't mean much. If you are one of those people who believes whatever you see on some webpage, then you might be dissapointed to know that THC as a medical drug is not exactly what you would like to believe. Yes, we start with the chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, but the chemical is altered and modified before it goes off to treat cancer or alzheimers or a number of other things still in research. Basically the chemical in the joint you smoke is not the same thing as the alterations used in the medical field. Now you may not believe me and thats fine, but you need to listen to your own words about making random statements on matters you know nothing about. There is a way to find out for yourself... get yourself a masters degree in biochemistry and a BS degree in plant physiology and then work in medical research
You mean, the policeman lied?
No, he probably just didn't know what he was talking about. Next time you see that they busted a grow op in the papers check out how much they say the seized material would be worth "on the street". Compare this with an actual rough estimate (around ten dollars a gram in North America, generally), and it's not unusual to see their "estimates" be off by millions of dollars. I'm sure they probably do bullshit people, but I really do want to believe that they're just nice people trying to do their best to make the world better and are hindered by fucked up laws and lack of knowledge. Anyway, that's more than enough dope talk for a (very informative) instructable about skinning snakes! Doubt, and find your own light.
ya it is
ya the ghost of alamo soilders will haunt you forever if you dis texas
well tuna mabye beacause your mumblin hate came out haate and texas came out texssss
While many Texans are annoying, but they aren't enough of a reason to hate Texas. IMO..
Perhaps your question should really have been: "Why would someone who has easy and quick convenience to diet coke, organic free range chicken and Pop Tarts, eat a snake?" MANY people in the world (yes, the very same one that you live in) do not have any choice other than to eat the animals they can catch. How exciting it would be for one of those people to find a freshly killed snake on the road, without having had to hunt it. Other than that obvious reason, it's minimal work for a meal, can be quiet tasty, and if you're someone who wants to spice up their life, you could always use the most obvious reason: variety is the spice of life. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the Domino's Pizza. Wacko!
right on . paired w/ some morrels ,and fiddleheads, maybe even some poke salad ,or dandelion salad. eels also are delicious.
Oh my gosh! Why WOULDN'T you eat snake? Rattlesnake stew is one of my personal faves! (and in Arizona, ingredients are easy to come by)
canida (author)  PerfectlySquare7 years ago
Sounds good! Do you have a recipe?
Here's some really great links for you! I hope you try some of these out, it's really a succulent and tender meat, and if you like other game meats, you will definitely enjoy rattlesnake meat. If you do decide to try some of these recipes, I'd love to see an Instructable of the process!


Happy Hunting!
ever play MGS3?jk,because it's a tasty source of protein!
No its NOT Its good You cant like it until you try it smart one.
so, its good, and healthy, unlike what most people like to eat, like those dumb hamburger things
And snakes are uglier than cows


He's dead, and stop molesting that chicken.
uuuhhh.... thats a tiger
No not the dragon, i mean you. Although now that you mention it... TELL YOUR DRAGON TO STOP MOLESTING THAT TIGER!!!!!!!


Dude, you want to molest a dragon? You would get burned. LITERALY
I start out saying that Steve Irwin WHO I KNOW IS DEAD likes snakes, and now you're tellin me to tell a dragon in an avatar to stop molesting a tiger,


Snake tastes good :)
To gain Stamina in the fight against "The End"
oh man, points for MGS3. Now only if you could eat that parrot...
afrank845 years ago
This looks great, wonderful job on the instructable by the way. Is there any issue with the bones? How do you remove the bones?
canida (author)  afrank845 years ago
The rib bones are pretty solidly attached to the spine - not like fish bones, which you end up with all over your mouth.  I was able to scrape snake meat off the ribs with my teeth, without dislodging the bones at all.
ERCCRE1235 years ago
you should mention it's near where the ridges stop
octo1375 years ago
is it rattle snake that has a slight spicy taste or is that some other reptile?
one thing youy missed there are no posionous snakes in the world only venomness posionous mean are deadly to eat venomous means deadly to be attacked by
Your kinda right venom had to be introduced into the blood stream if it makes it to the acid in the stomach it is destroyed. But if you have ulcers, cuts in your mouth, have brushed your teeth with in 20ish minutes prior, or hold it under you tongue or next to your cheek it can still get into your blood stream and kill you. Moral of the story don't drink the venom.
why if you have brushed your teeth in the last 20ish mineuttes?
The CDC a while ago put out a warning saying that no matter how careful you were when you brush your teeth it put small cut in your gums and it takes 20ish min. to fully heal. It is just one of the check on a check list for risk of contracting a disease.
codongolev6 years ago
I want to email this to my mom and videotape her reaction.
knobby_6 years ago
thanks for putting this up! it might turn out to be a very useful piece of knowledge one day! but I was just wondering about the bones (spine and ribs)! are you meant to remove them or are they like salmon and can be easily chewed or do you have to just be a bit more careful like with other forms of fish? thanks
is there a way to presevre the skin and turn it into, say a wallet, or a knife sheath?
i am gona try that if i can it looks like it would posibly b good but i also had a good snake as a pet.
lil jon1687 years ago
wow cool
killarowa7 years ago
No no no..... to prep the skin for stuff, yes you CAN dry it out with salt, and scrape it off, but your constantly checking the skin, to make sure it doesnt get to dry, brittle, and handling it/bending it and playing with it to stop the decay....... What Ive done, and have seen in practice..... is to put the skin in antifreeze, and leave it there for a while (too bad I cant remember how long) It will then be plyable, AND durable, as well as clean of any nastiness you couldnt clean or scrape off of it.
Snakes are eaten??????????????????????????
NO DUH! They taste good too and so does rabbit meat.
espeshuly were im from
Rattlesnake tasts like chicken
It's good. ;)
ansion7 years ago
pretty sweet. i read this at the library and although i have nothing against pics of dead snakes, the guy next to me seemed a little squeamish (i worried i might get kicked out for a moment). good, though. im gonna try it when i get the chance.
=SMART=7 years ago
how would you make money of this? and how much?
=SMART=7 years ago
"So you've got a dead snake- now what?" lol this made me laugh so much :D good instructable :) wouldn't eat it though :S
Don't forget: when dealing with venomous snakes [including dead ones], keep your fingers well away from the head at all times. I prefer to hold the head in place with a stick or something similar [tongs would work well] before decapitation. Dispose of the head safely. If you're doing this outside [grilling, perhaps, or out camping] I would recommend incinerating it [the head].
I would recommend removing the head VERY cautiously since I have seen dead snakes (even beheaded ones) strike when touched or grabbed. As far as I can tell, at least in some snakes, the ability to strike (and bite) is reflexive and can even be performed by a recently deceased snake. From some professional snake handling friends I understand that a dead venomous snake is more dangerous in this respect than a live one, in that it will inject ALL the venom in its sacks in a strike/bite reflex when a live snake will often inject little or no venom in some of its strikes. So make head removal a first priority in venomous snakes, and do it carefully.
You can also fry up the skin and eat it, too. Just make sure to wash it and check it for ticks. Yep, snakes can get ticks, too, and they aren't tasty.
Darkshot8 years ago
out of respect for animals man..if you find a dead animal by the road..leave it there please and please dont do this again with a dead animal...yes i am a so called "tree hugger" cuz i luv animals...
I think it'd probably be a lot nicer to do it to a dead animal than a live one.
I dont understand. discusting to some maybe, but what part of what he did is moraly worse than eating a burger?
dangit!!!!!....................DANG YOU!!!!!! you just made me realize :]
consider yourself converted!
thanks ;]
now go fry some bacon!
Why leave the body there to be desecrated by more tires? Why not put it to use? I fail to see the disrespect.
pluish Darkshot8 years ago
if something is dead, why dont put it to good use?
S1L3N7 SWAT7 years ago
Thats gross. I would only eat a snake if it was a matter of survival.
rupamagic7 years ago
You know, I don't think anything has ever made me say "No way... I just couldn't" before. Honestly. I mean sure, I wouldn't like to eat bugs and grubs and crap but pretty much any animal with a decent amount of meat seems totally logical to me.

I am not behind the whole "How could the [insert stereotypical dog-eating culture here] people eat dog?!" I mean yeah, we think of them as pets, but I can imagine it's pretty much a goat with its clothes off. But this... this made me cringe when I got to the flayed step! I guess now I get it. My Indigo snake was my best pet ever. My favorite pet and the one I felt a real bond with. So yeah, now I get it.

That said, I'm sure it's delicious. And a great instructable, thanks!
Wolfpack8717 years ago
Mhmm. By chance that could be deep fried cajun style?
canida (author)  Wolfpack8717 years ago
Sulik7 years ago
read closer
Oi! I have a good idea on what you should do with that skin, make yourself a nice snake skin wallet!
shadowg7 years ago
if you find more snake skin make a belt
umja3457 years ago
Nasty, but neat. How did you get the snake? Did you kill it? If you did, how? Shoot it or what?
John Smith7 years ago
Hey, I got a snake! Its a small rattlesnake, that my dad found on the road, and killed. It is ~18 inches long. Is it too small to skin? Oh, and how would I tan it? Somewhere I read that you could pin it down, and rub glycerin into it.
canida (author)  John Smith7 years ago
I haven't tried tanning yet- when you do, post about it! My snake skin is still in my mom's freezer, so I won't get to it until next summer.
I just skinned my first snake, and it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was fun- as I look at it like it was a dissection. You could see everything, it was cool. I pinned it down as per what this page says, and I mixed up the tanning solution at the bottom of the page. Do you think it will work? I didn't use formaldehyde. Also, I froze my snake before skinning it, and the skin pulled away really easy for me. I had an 18" pygmy ground rattler. Also, there was MINIMAL bleeding, I think it was from the fact that it wasn't totally thawed when I skinned it. Maybe the blood had coagulated?

Overall- it was easy, and should have a really cool result.
Also as I said below-My only accident was screwing up and busting the (?) egg sac, releasing thousands of tiny eggs in a yellow fluid.
zachninme7 years ago
I've never gotten around to actually read this, and it was very... disturbinstresting... Keep up the ~~good~~ interesting work!
I just skinned my first snake, and its not so bad. Just look at it from a scientific, or medical point of view. Do that, and it won't seem as gross. It is actually pretty cool- you can see the liver, intestines, and other organs, all in place like normal I was even able to see the nerve thready thingamajig things, running along it's belly. My only accident was screwing up and busting the (?) egg sac, releasing thousands of tiny eggs in a yellow fluid. That was gross. Other than that, there was almost no blood, minimal guts, as they were held in the muscle u shape thing, so it was pretty cool. But really, I normally get grossed out on this type of thing.

PS- it is easier to chop off the head, then start the slit from there. Well, for me it was.
wincenty17 years ago
i made my self a snake dinner it was suprisingly good no not good great mmmmmm tasty snakey
One word- commas.
AT7 years ago
Too bad for the snake. But it looks like you are putting it to good use. I'm not sure I could eat a snake? I use to have pet snakes and I just don't know how I would have felt eating them. I don't like un-processed meat in general. But they did look like sausages in that one picture. Mmmmm! Here is my idea for the skin. Based on some of the other instructables you have done, I am thinking you could do with a new mouse pad! Think of the mouse justice to turn a rat snake into a mouse pad. "Now who's the boss Mr. Snake!"
taka217 years ago
what hapened to your midle finger step1 picture 2
No, it's a good thing to put road kill to good use, because many times an animal will get run over because it it trying to eat the road kill, a vicious circle. Plus, the road kill will be cleaned up eventually by those people who's job it is. Just don't be the idiot that gets run over trying to get to the dead snake.
John Smith7 years ago
Wait, do you need to tan the skin? If so, how? I really like this and I will probably do it, so can I have some help?
John Smith7 years ago
Dude... thats frikken awesome. Too bad I hate guts. I could get past that, though.
Dude!!! Make a Snake Skin Wallet!!! That's a really cool lookin' snake, too.
Wade Tarzia7 years ago
Excellent! Nice photo-commentary. A book needs to be written, titled something like, "The Kindly Practical Survivalist," and one of the first tips should be, "Leave machinegun home, trade it for poultry sheers." Interestingly enough, I expected the !Kung-san hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari to make frequent use of snakes, but I just checked Lee's classic text, and find that they regularly hunt only the rock python (nonpoisonous, up to 3m long) out of the 9 species Lee could identify. Perhaps because they fear poisonous snakes (first act when setting up camp, beat bushes for snakes with club used for that purpose, both men and women proficient at this). Further, he states that snakes and lizards are not usually hunted in areas where "better" meat sources are available. Though women do not hunt per se, they are the ones who get the eating-snakes when snakes are hunted at all. Couldn't find any artifacts made from snake skin, sorry.
canida (author)  Wade Tarzia7 years ago
Neat! Thanks for the info.
joemonkey8 years ago
this is sweet! im going trap shooting at my friends ranch up in northern texas, and im gonna look for a western diamondback to shoot! ill probably cut a skin shape out of some wood and mount it up on my wall
Beany joemonkey8 years ago
Shooting snakes is uncool. Wait till you find some roadkill like the OP!
rob8od Beany8 years ago
There is nothing wrong with shooting snakes. Shoot em' and skin em' is what I say.
aeray rob8od8 years ago
Why would you want to kill a snake? Snakes don't want anything to do with you. Perhaps Mr. Manly-Man-Who-Shoots-Snakes does it because he is afraid of them....
go get bit by one, and then you'll change your mind.
I've been bitten at least a dozen times. Funny, though, it always happened when I was holding the snake in my hands.
ya they dont like to be petted.
Neither did my hamster
marc92 Whaleman7 years ago
please tell me you did not skin and cook it jk lol
marc92 marc927 years ago
(the hamster)
UflipURmom8 years ago
omg what happend to your left middle finger?!?! that looks nasty
canida (author)  UflipURmom8 years ago
Probably just stray snake guts- which picture are you looking at?
step 7 your left middle finger
canida (author)  UflipURmom7 years ago
o.O You can't see my middle fingers in step 7. Maybe you mean the first pic in step 8? That's actually a bit of the rolled snake skin. The end of it does look pretty creepy... check out the next pic to see that it's definitely rolled snake skin and not a deep gash.
Whaleman7 years ago
If you still have the snake skin, why not make a beret out of it? Berets are cool
canida (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
I'm not sure we've got enough skin to make a good beret- it would be pretty stripey.
Whaleman canida7 years ago
That's a cool project and I say, don't kill an animal unless you severely need to, but if you found it on the road, why not put it to good use. I would stuff the snake. I would hollow the head (take out the brain bits) the sew that on the body. Then I would soak it in taxidermy oils and then stuff it with cotton and sew it up.
gotja8 years ago
cool and mexxed up all at the same time
llama lord8 years ago
poor snakie...snakey?..poor snakey..
how the hell do you spell it?!
i t !!!!
I say Snakey. and my browser says neither is a word :(
CameronSS8 years ago
I feel sorry for the poor squashed snake, but glad that something was done with it other than frying on the side of a road. Just curious: what are the effects on snakeskin when it it is flattened just before shedding? Can the outer layer of dead skin be peeled off? And where are the instructions for stuffing it? joemonkey and rob8od, you apparently missed that bit in Step 1 about not killing snakes. If snakes did not exist, you would probably die of starvation due to a lack of grain, or from diseases spread by mice and rats.
lol the irish are screwed then.
Hmm that really makes me want to have a go, how convenient that I'm flying to Australia this month...
Don't eat Australian snakes, we need them to keep our population down.
Najalaise8 years ago
I'd be hesistant about starting opening a snake you intend to eat by inserting the knife or scissors into the vent. Seems to me you'd risk contaminating the meat- every butchering manual I've ever seen cautions you to cut around the anus and to make sure not to tear the large intestine.
yeah I was going to say that. you would put a 2 inch odd gash through the rectum. Not a good thing to do if you plan on eating your snake. on the otherhand. It was found dead, on the road, having been squished by a car. a bit of snake poo here and their doesn't make much of a difference.
heat kills germs too, just make sure theres no actual......residue.
step one: make sure its dead!, other than that, great instructable...
aeray8 years ago
Stretch the skin flat on a board using small nails to hold it. Let the skin sit about 1/8" above the board. Let dry well. Obtain a narrow thin leather belt and cut a piece large enough to make a hatband. Use the belt to cut a rectangle from the skin, twice as wide as the belt chunk, and slightly longer. Glue the skin to the belt , covering all common surfaces with Duco cement or similar, and centering the belt on the skin. Fold over and glue the edges. Let glue dry. Form band into a circle, lightly moistening if necessary to bend it. Stitch together and wrap seam in a leftover strip of skin, glueing well.Better yet, use the WELL DRIED head of the snake to cover the seam. Lightly grease the entire assemble with boot grease, such as Sno-Seal or mink oil every couple of years.
canida (author)  aeray8 years ago
Whoa. Now ewilhelm wants to nab it for his belt.

I'm not likely to do this before next summer- if you get the chance to put up an Instructable in the meantime that would be awesome. Following the photos is really helpful.
aeray canida8 years ago
These instructions are actually for a hatband, unless you have a really big snake. As far a posting an instructable, I would love to, but I am currently living at 5000' plus altitude, and the only snakes (few and far between) are tiny garter snakes. When I am driving through lower altitudes however, I will look for a big rattler.....
radiorental8 years ago
forgive me if I have my poorly recalled facts in a muddle. I was always told as a kid that if you want to kill something you ought to avoid shooting it in the liver(?) area as you risk releasing toxins(?) in to the blood system thus poisoning the meat. Is there any truth to this? does it matter exactly how prey shuffles off the mortal coil?
Am I the only one who thinks this is kind nasty? I glad it is road kill though.
mrbob10008 years ago
with the snake skin you could make a steering wheel cover for your car (imagine the awesomeness)
Best suggestion so far!
awoodcarver8 years ago
Nice job of skinnin , I would start at the other end but have done both ways
Bran8 years ago
A wallet or a purse sounds cool, but the skin probably wouldn't be big enough for those. Maybe a fancy accent to a pair of boots? Or you could just frame it, but this is Instructables! Hmm, what to make....
Bran8 years ago
Aww, man, we get snakes in our houses quite a bit! I'm so going to be using this Instructable! Thanks!
ongissim8 years ago
You could make a neat belt with the snake skin. One question- is there still blood in the skin because of any veins, or don't cold-blooded animals have any part of their body in their skin?
That's exactly what I was going to suggest! Very neat instructable, and useful if we ever get stuck in the woods. I was surprised how how not gross that was.
technick298 years ago
Whoaa, that's intense. One time, there was an already dead snake on my street, and a car ran over it. There was a loud popping noise following, and of course, the inspection of the poor creature. How did your snake taste?