Step 8: Save skin for later use

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Now you've got a great snake skin! Use it now, or store for later.

I was visiting my parents in Indiana, and didn't have time to process the skin before my flight home to CA. Instead I scraped off the residual goo, rolled the skin from head to tail, double-bagged it in freezer bags, labeled it, and stuck it in the freezer for a later visit. (Thanks, Mom!)**

What should I do with the skin? All suggestions are welcome.

**UPDATE: my parents had a power outage before my next visit, and purged the contents of the freezer including my snake skin.  D'oh!
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Can you keep the skin from rotting just by tacking it to a board or something and letting it air out or do you need to add something to help preserve it?
canida (author)  DuctTapeExtremeDude2 years ago
It depends on where you live, and how well you've cleaned the skin.

If humidity is super-high, you'll likely want to rub the skin down with borax or salt to keep anything from growing on the skin while it dries, and tack it down to something like a screen for better breathability. If you live in a desert, far less to worry about - you can just tack it out almost anywhere and it will dry nicely.

Just be aware that the skin will be crispy, not pliable - you've got to do a bit of treatment to make it soft.
Ghattasdb3 years ago
Put it on a strip of leather and make a bracelet.
kibukun4 years ago
Make it into a wallet, that way every one can see how awesome you are everytime you buy something!
sarge695 years ago
Let it soak in antifreeze for about a week and make it into boots or a cell phone pouch.
i've never heard of that does it work good?
sculptur5 years ago
to dry a snake skin out i usually use the laundry detergent "borax"
eyepodd5 years ago
before you let the skin shrink you could clean it and wrap it around a knife handle, and let it shrink you could probubly sew it togeather and let it shrink and dry out there. im not shure how good of a grip it would give you but it would look cool. 
in my state its ileagal to kill or own a dead snake or its skin
hyper7 years ago
what do i do if i want to keep the skin out and so i can show it to people, do i let it dry out( i dont want to keep it in the freezer ) please help :D Also this is a great instructable :]
You can also fry up the skin and eat it, too. Just make sure to wash it and check it for ticks. Yep, snakes can get ticks, too, and they aren't tasty.
shadowg7 years ago
if you find more snake skin make a belt
UflipURmom8 years ago
omg what happend to your left middle finger?!?! that looks nasty