im am gonna go through step by step on how to slap (wank) a bass and the pop

Step 1: Materials

Get Matireals
-at least half a year of playing bass depending on how often you practice, proper technique is very hard to learn

Step 2: Thumb

Curve your thumb as most as possible while in a comfortable and be able to play, this is important for proper technique and will take some time to get used to.

Step 3: Its All in the Wrist

now with your thumb in a cureved posistion rotate at the wrist,as if turning a door knob. it is all in the wrist no thumb movement at all!

Step 4: Wank Away!!!!!

now while holding your bass place your thumb parallel to the strings and above the string and turn your wrist like a door knob. and you should bounce off the string with the knucle of your thumb on top of the fretboard at ur twentyth fret area. when I say bounce I think of when a person hits face first on the ground and there head pops up immediately. this will take awhile to get the whole bouncing off the strings its different but practice, it will take a few months

Step 5: The Wrong Way

Practice good techniqes and they will become habbit. do not point ur thumb down!!

Step 6: The Pop

This is the simple part make a hook with your index finger and put it under the string and pull up making a pop sounds.as a learning exercise slap and pop your octaves. I don't think the pop needs a huge part because it is easy and requires very little skill but if someone can't comprehend it I will go and expand the Instructable.

Comeing Soon!! Double Thump instructable
I have a habit of pointing my thumb up, is this a good or bad technique?
as a rule of thumb, I dont really think it matters how you pop. just so long as its comfortable with you, it sounds good, and you can do it fast :-)
Now... How to make a good Slap riff: Use plenty of octaves, hammer/pulloffs, and use fifth intervals. Mix it all up, and experiment with different fifths ( E and A, for example).
thank you so very much. i didnt even read the instructable, but YOU have helped me alot!
what kind of bass do u have????<br /> <br />
It's a Jaguar Bass. VERY&nbsp;NICE&nbsp;BASS!!!
Slappa Da Bass!!!
I find that it is esayer if you relax you finger so that they droup down.
Thanks! I've finally got slapping down because of you! Great Instructable!
im glad i was of help =]<br/>
My thumb doesn't bend back. At all. You'd have to snap it to make it bend... Am I destined never to play slap bass, or will i just have to angle my hand differently? ...
my thmb doesn't be much and I got it. Just move your knuckle (second one from top) back as far as it'll go. That's at least how I do it.
ur guitar is ugly...sorry...but good instructable...
lol...im buying a status graphite bass,hopefully...but my bass gets the job done..
looool wank a bass
jazzmaster bass?
its a jaguar jazz bass by fender
dude i love jaguars the guitars have nice vibrose
oo00oh. cool! i have a strat.
Im pretty ganster myself
its all in the thumb angle, i really should learn to play my bass..
I wanted to slap a fish T_T

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