im am gonna go through step by step on how to slap (wank) a bass and the pop

Step 1: Materials

Get Matireals
-at least half a year of playing bass depending on how often you practice, proper technique is very hard to learn
I have a habit of pointing my thumb up, is this a good or bad technique?
as a rule of thumb, I dont really think it matters how you pop. just so long as its comfortable with you, it sounds good, and you can do it fast :-)
Now... How to make a good Slap riff: Use plenty of octaves, hammer/pulloffs, and use fifth intervals. Mix it all up, and experiment with different fifths ( E and A, for example).
thank you so very much. i didnt even read the instructable, but YOU have helped me alot!
what kind of bass do u have????<br /> <br />
It's a Jaguar Bass. VERY&nbsp;NICE&nbsp;BASS!!!
Slappa Da Bass!!!
I find that it is esayer if you relax you finger so that they droup down.
Thanks! I've finally got slapping down because of you! Great Instructable!
im glad i was of help =]<br/>
My thumb doesn't bend back. At all. You'd have to snap it to make it bend... Am I destined never to play slap bass, or will i just have to angle my hand differently? ...
my thmb doesn't be much and I got it. Just move your knuckle (second one from top) back as far as it'll go. That's at least how I do it.
ur guitar is ugly...sorry...but good instructable...
lol...im buying a status graphite bass,hopefully...but my bass gets the job done..
looool wank a bass
jazzmaster bass?
its a jaguar jazz bass by fender
dude i love jaguars the guitars have nice vibrose
oo00oh. cool! i have a strat.
Im pretty ganster myself
its all in the thumb angle, i really should learn to play my bass..
I wanted to slap a fish T_T

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