How to Sling - Apache Style (David vs Goliath Sling)

The classic biblical story of David vs Goliath is mentioned within western culture quite frequently, however, not many people know what the sling looks like or how to use such a tool. Often confused with the 'dennis the menace' forked and rubberized slingshot, the sling actually sling actually consists of  two cords, a release and retention loop, and a pouch which holds ammunition. The retention loop is attached to the middle finger of the slinger like a ring. The release cord features a knot at the end of the cord which is held between the index finger and the thumb. The ammunition, a stone or tennis ball is then placed in the pouch. The slinger will then swing the pouch until momentum is gained and then proceed to release the knot within their index and thumb in order to let the ammunition fly.

The current world record for the longest distance of a sling projectile is 477 meters. The sling is able to propel projectiles at speeds exceeding 250 miles. The sling is certainly not a toy and should be treated as such. The sling should never be used to inflict harm on animals, humans or destroy property.

There are many styles and techniques of using the primitive sling. Each different style is potentially as accurate and powerful as the next, however, the most popular techniques are the most simple. In this video I will display the use of the sling from a variety of angles using the popular Apache Style.

The Apache technique is best suited to a sling around 25 inches in length. The advantages of the Apache technique includes:
- It is an easy technique to learn
- It is easy to attain accuracy as it always shots in a forward direction at your target
- It generates a lot of power
- It is a technique favored for stealth and hunting as it contains minimal movement
- It's fast

This style is very effective for hunting. Even with a short sling, a lot of power is generated with minimal noise and movements. Additionally, this style reduces the chances of entanglement on plants and bushes.

NOTE: Use tennis balls when learning to sling, make sure you are at least 200 meters away from property and spectators before attempting to sling. Only sling for recreational and sporting purposes. Check local laws. I won't be liable for any damages or injuries, sling with the highest degree of safety. Safe slinging!

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