How to Smooth Polymer Clay As Taught by a Sculptor



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Introduction: How to Smooth Polymer Clay As Taught by a Sculptor

This is a very detailed video on the multi faceted way to smooth polymer clay. I cover what kinds of tools and supplies you will need, the proper way to use them, how to do patting, short and long blends during the sculpting to speed up the final smoothing time, how to get a good plain, how to smooth the plain and how to use a paint brush to not only smooth but to sculpt details in your work. See the tool and supply list below. Subscribe to my channel, rate the video, share and comment. Shop my art creations at

Tool and Supply List

Very small paint brush

And varying sizes small size paint brush and up


A cup

Polymer clay ball tools of varying sizes

Pearl Ex Pigments for pre-finishing sculptures as explained in the video



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