How to Sneak Into Large Events





Introduction: How to Sneak Into Large Events

This instructable will show you many ideas on how to sneak into large events. Large enough to have crowds of people. Please join me with real life ideas that have worked.

Disclaimer: I do NOT condone cheating/sneaking your way into a paid event and will not be held accountable if you get caught attempting to do so.

Step 1: Identity...

The very first step, depending on the event, will be to secure an identity. If this is a business event/meeting of a competitor, this is your best option. This step is also very handy for conventions (AX, ComicCon, etc...).

Find a trash can/recycling can near the exit. When leaving events such as these, people are very likely to throw out their ID badges as soon as they are done with the event. Wait for the crowds to thin a bit and do some dumpster diving.

The badge will be found most likely in two forms: pin or around the neck. Figure out which it is by looking at visitors.

You may also want to keep in mind that there may be (for the conventions) a freebies bag. People are likely to put their badge inside the bag before throwing it out, keep this in mind and search the bags you find in the trash.

Once you have secured a badge, you may be worried that the person's name may be well known. To remedy this, slightly obscure it with clothing and walk inside.

Step 2: Clothing...

Make especially sure that you have the appropriate dress for the occasion. If it is a business convention, wear business clothing. If it is an anime expo, jeans and a t-shirt, but don't over-do it with elaborate costuming. Try and find what the majority of the crowd is wearing.

In a non-business convention, the most likely thing to be worn in blue-jeans. Guaranteed. Keep that in mind.

If it is a one day event you will want to bring a few changes of clothes with you in your car.

These clothes should include:
+Casual button up shirt with khakis.
+Business suit (women may want to bring a skirt just in case)
+Shorts that come down to the knee
+A simple one color t-shirt

Now you can go observe what the attendees are wearing and change accordingly.
The key is to BLEND in with the crowd.

Step 3: No Badge?

If you could not find an ID badge through your dumpster diving, this is the step for you...

Find all the exits and identify which is the most crowed. Also wait until mid-day at least, this is when more people will be leaving.

Only when you find the MOST crowded exit and time can you attempt this.

Move directly toward the exit and crowds. When you start rubbing elbows with people, stop moving.

Turn around and face the same direction as the crowd, but DON'T leave! Instead move backward toward the exit slowly, allowing others to pass you by.

Security will be looking for people coming in directly, but if you move in like shown above, they will think you are just walking slowly. It's like an optical illusion!

Step 4: Final Notes...

If you are not in at this point, the only ways I know of are highly dangerous or disturbed. So good luck using those tips and have fun!

Disclaimer: I do NOT condone cheating/sneaking your way into a paid event and will not be held accountable if you get caught attempting to do so.



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    If it's a festival just walk around the perimeter of the field and find a hedge or fence that you can sneak in through. Avoid security and if you see someone you know hang with them if they've got a band and just say you lost urs. Most people throw their bands when they are drunk or on drugs so just pick it up and make sure it's the right band and say it fell off :) or just buy a ticket


    walking slowly backwards inside to perform an optical illusion sounds really funny idea xD

    My friend and I got into a museum free by going in the exit by mistake. Didn't even realize we were cheating them out of the admission price.

    Man, this just makes me feel like an old prude, and I'm only 35. When I was a kid, we never would have considered doing this, because back then we knew what "theft" was. Amazing that so long as you say, "Here's how to steal, but know that I don't condone stealing" that somehow makes it all better. 0 stars from me. (Well, 0.5, since we can't do 0.)

    5 replies

    You're telling me kids in what, the 1980's would never consider sneaking into something they can't afford? I call B.S. I mean I believe YOU personally but come on, theft is as old as ownership...

    And 5hat somehow makes it okay?

    No, but it makes the argument "I'm 35, and when I was a kid we didn't steal" an invalid argument. I'm 30, and I stole tonshit of stuff when I was younger. Mostly useless stuff though.

    You really can't pretend that your generation is infallible. If that were the case then there would have never been any need for event security until just ten years ago.

    I completely agree. This is on an Instructables list of 26 ways to get free stuff. Most of them are stealing.

    I wouldn't recommend this in some locations. If the event requires payment for entry, then this can be seen as fraud, theft by taking, even identity theft (as mentioned before) and get you into jail. Add the fact that most of these events are over the weekend, you could end up spending 3 or 4 days in holding with the local crazies. Not my idea of fun.

    2 replies

    "only in America" as the saying goes... in countries with a normal, non-militarized, police force that would never happen.

    They may sponsor but they don't actively filter very well. A lot of 'ibles are thinly veiled adverts. This is at least an attempt to be original, if somewhat stupid to put here.

    You could always try the "My kid ran inside!" thing. Works pretty well except if a gard helps you...

    The only realistic penalty is the embarrassment of being denied access. If you really think than somebody will call the police for this then be chickensiht and buy a ticket.

    Yeah not mine either I thought about doing this but then I reread and said to my self NO WAY are you spending 3-4 days in a Holding room with the people who have done stuff like try to kill a man or themselfs

    if the event is like a week long one bring a camera the first day and take a picture of a id bage. then go home and edit the bage picture with you photo.

    Carry in a mop and bucket.
    --or a couple pizza boxes.

    I disagree with not overdoing it for anime conventions. If you can make a cheap elaborate costume then more power to you. If you want to pay money for an awesome costume, then should have paid for entrance. Could always just volunteer, that's how I get in free.