Castile Soap How to:

Includes pictures and videos.
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Step 1: The Goods and Where to get them

Picture of The Goods and Where to get them
The List:

1. Rubber Gloves
2. 1g Resolution scale (Amazon )
3. .01g Resolution scale (Amazon )
4. safety glasses  
5. Molds (Milkyway molds
6.Soap recipe  (Lye Calculator )
7. Glass Measuring cup (Thrift Store )
8. Glass picture (Thrift Store)
9. small measuring cup plastic or glass (Thrift Store)
10. Stick Blender (Amazon )
11. Cloth towel (Thrift Store)
12. Stainless Steel Pot (Thrift Store) No Aluminum
13. Plastic or stainless mixing stick (No Aluminum )
14. Water
15. NaOH Lye (Amazon)
16. Olive Oil 

Step 2: Measure Olive Oil

Picture of Measure Olive Oil
1. Tare weight of pot
2. Pour Olive Oil, Stop at 1000G

Step 3: Warm Oil

Picture of Warm Oil
Warm Oil to a Temp of around 90 to 115 degrees.

Note: Temperature is in Fahrenheit. 

Step 4: Measure Water

Picture of Measure Water
1. Tare Glass container weight
2. Pour Water stop at 280g

Note: Minerals in tap water can make water heavy, which will reduce bubbles.

Step 5: Gear up

Time to put on some personal protective equipment.

1. Rubber gloves
2. Goggles 

I will add pictures soon.

Step 6: NaOH Lye measure

Picture of NaOH Lye measure
1. Tare Weight of container
2. Measure NaOH Lye Stop at 131.4g

Step 7: Mix Water and NaOH Lye

Picture of Mix Water and NaOH Lye
1. Slowly add NaOH Lye, works best if you pour a little then stir, adding and stirring until all the lye has been mixed.

Step 8: Add Lye to Oil

Picture of Add Lye to Oil
1. Add Lye to Oil 
2. Stir
3. Trace

Step 9: Pour Soap into Moldes

1. Pour into measuring cup for ease of pour
2. pour from measuring cup to molds
3. Shake molds to reduce air bobbles


Pour as fast as possible being safe. The trace will thicken fast. So get it in there. This will avoid a situation where it is to thick to seat in the mold properly.

Step 10: Clean

Picture of Clean
Time to clean:(

Step 11: Pop soap out !

Picture of Pop soap out !
1. Wait 3 or 4 days 
2. Pop them out
3. Give it at least a week to cure some more


If you use the soap in less than a week it will turn to mush in a couple days of use.

Also note keep soap dry when not in use so it does not get mushy on you.