Let's set up your file first. Open up the image in Photoshop. If your Background Layer is locked, double-click to unlock it.

Step 1: Duplicate layer

Right-click on the layer and select "Duplicate Layer..."
Thanks for the tips about <a href="http://www.emagemedical.com/image-pro-i/" rel="nofollow">skin imaging</a> on photos. This was great.
Thanks for sharing. You have a great looking model there with amazing skin. You've done wonders with the<a href="http://www.emagemedical.com/image-pro-i/" rel="nofollow">skin imaging</a>. If only photoshop had more real and lasting affects.
Wow, I guess I didn't realize how easy <a href="http://www.emagemedical.com/body-pro/" rel="nofollow">skin imaging</a> was, I love the soft look. I haven't had too much experience with photoshop but it sure seems like a great tool. I might have to do with with some of my family photos, thanks for sharing.
I have try this today. It's alway too much blurry. more than 75% opacity look bad, less than 75% render the effect useless, so it's not an problem with the opacity.<br /> Maybe my skin is too much white. Ahah.<br />
Did you find that photo by searching Flickr for &quot;girl&quot;? :)<br />
Actually, its me :P<br />
Make more instructables with your pictures please :)<br />
If that's a picture of I'd surely like to meet you.<br />
Or smear Vaseline on the lens...<br /> <br /> L<br />

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