Introduction: How to Solder 3.7v Lithium Ion Cells

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Usually lithium ion cells are used in laptop batteries. They are hard to solder that is why they are welded by spot welder, which requires a transformer. But today I bought you guys a solution by which you can solder a 3.7v lithium ion cells.

Materials Required

Bevel Tip For Solder ( You can get it on hardware store or you can make your own by cutting the pointed tip and rubbing tip on whetstone or concrete) See Image

Solder Iron

Wires (Better to use Copper flex Wires) See Image

Step 1: Heating Battery Tab

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Heat the battery tab for 10 seconds by placing solder on it.

Step 2: Applying Solder on Tip

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See Image

Step 3: Applying Solder on Wire

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Step 4: Soldering Wire With Battery

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