This is a easy guide to solder some components , this can be used for kids to begin in electronic.

Step 1: Materials

For this projects the materials are:

  1. Soldering iron.
  2. PCB.
  3. Headers 2 pin.
  4. Tin.

Step 2: Header

We proced to put the header in their respective pad.

Step 3: Solder

Now we put the solder and the tin in the pad, to have a better result you can use a solder paste.

Step 4: Finish

You can clean now with a little brush.

use soldron <br>
<div><p>What do you mean by item 4. Tin.</p><p>You need a soldering iron, solder and flux or flux cored solder, a circuit board and the components you are fitting. </p><p>Make<br> sure the component leads and the solder pad are clean, if the solder <br>bubbles when you apply it, it is usually because 1 or the other or both <br>are dirty. That can cause dry joints/bad connections.</p><p>Make sure <br>you heat the component lead and the solder pad equally before applying <br>the solder. If one is cooler than the other you can get dry joints/bad <br>connections.</p><p>You would also get a cleaner result if you used flux cored solder instead of seperate flux and solder.</p></div>
<p>exact</p><p>this is no instr.</p><p>needs a lot of adjusting,but its a try.</p>
<p>Wwhat kind of soldering iron do you have there with a fume extractor?</p>
My suggestions Use 60-40 solder wire and good quality soldering iron

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